Self-Healing Techniques

Self-Healing modalities, tools and techniques
utilized in Reiki sessions
with Susan Grace Wisniewski

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Here you will find a glimpse of self-healing techniques that I commonly use with my Reiki clients in their personal Reiki sessions.

  • I have provided links to appropriate blogs, which were written by me, on these subjects in the past.

  • However, each technique is catered to the individual Reiki client’s needs at the time.

  • Most of these techniques have been developed between me and my intuitive team while in reiki sessions with Reiki clients.

  • New helpful Reiki self-healing techniques are being developed daily in my Reiki practice.

Bright technique for transformation

Reiki Journey

Soul Retrieval

Shamanic Transformations

Inner Child Self-healing

Self-Healing Grief and Loss

Manifesting Positive Results, Envisioning

Developing Intuition

Releasing Resistance, getting out of your own way

Developing Boundaries

Developing Personal Energy Protection techniques

Self-Healing over reactions and negative activations

Releasing Energetic Remnants of Chemicals

Tension release

Energy Clearing Environment

Reiki Energy Upgrades

Healing Attachments

Ancestral Healing

Releasing Out-dated Beliefs

Cellular Self-healing

Chakra Balancing

Sending Reiki Blessings ahead to events

Brain balancing

T.A.M.E. Your Inner Opponent

Reiki for Surgical procedures

Reiki Light Weaving for physical, mental, emotional self-healing

Balancing right and left energy flows

Transforming the Traumatic Image

Releasing Absorbed Energy 

Calling Back own energy

Grounding to the Earth

Opening the Flow of Energy in… joints, muscles, etc

Transferring grounding chords to current residence

Angelic attunements

Crystal attunements

Activating the higher chakras

Metatron Color Healing

Brain upgrade and reconnection

Metatron attunement

Hover over each of the four symbols….

Pure Love

The core of everything, including you.

Pure Light

The source of everything, including you.

Divine Heart

Sacred heart connection to the Light.

Divine Mind

Higher knowledge, higher senses, inner awareness.

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