Self-healing Journey

For decades, I have studied self-healing, a term which is a bit of a misnomer. Even though our focus may be on healing the self, we are never alone as we do this. It is important to realize, that as we work on healing ourselves, we are always: Divinely guided and supported. By its very nature, Self-healing occurs under the care of the archangels, angels, and ascended masters, to name a few.

How to ask for Divine help

By now, my understanding of how to ask for Divine help has changed dramatically over the past 30 years. In the same way that we might lose a skill if we don’t use it, my intuitive communication skills had to be re-incorporated into my daily life.

Notably, this took years of wading through and releasing layers of self-doubt, mistrust, and lack of confidence.

Gratefully, whether it is for myself or for my clients, I now effortlessly communicate with Divine beings. Accordingly, I know this same relationship is available to us all and it is my soul’s mission to help others develop these skills.

Divine guidance

I consistently receive Divine guidance within each client’s session on how to best support their self-healing opportunity in that moment.

As a student of self-healing,

“I am continuously learning new ways to work with each client’s energy.”

Archangel Metatron guides me and shows me how to direct the session with each client, suggesting which energetic tools to use in each moment.

Develop your intuitive skills

Although, it may have taken me years to develop my intuitive skills, it doesn’t have to take that long anymore. Specifically, because our world is evolving at such a rapid pace, access to Divine beings has become simpler.

Over the years, I have been blessed to witness the development of these intuitive skills in my clients.

Intuitive skills continue to expand

Additionally, my recent training in Metatron Color Healing has expanded my intuitive skills exponentially. Surprisingly, I now realize that Archangel Metatron has been guiding and helping me all along.

In general, working with spiritual helpers feels like having an extra assistant in the room with you, providing support, help, and insight in every moment.

Ready to assist you

I am prepared to assist you on your own self-healing journey. Remarkably, while this journey is different for every person, the steps that are taken are very similar. 

Regarding healing the Self, it’s essential to acknowledge our wounds and be willing to receive Divine and human help to transform them. Importantly, acknowledging our wounds does not require reliving them.

Self-healing, combined with divine help and energetic tools, creates incredible healing opportunities. In fact, when I combine using energy sprays, healing crystals and sacred geometry, I witness such deep relaxation in the client. Consistently, they report feeling completely different and greatly improved after the session.

Blessed to witness

Frequently, I am in awe of what transpires in my healing space, feeling blessed to be a witness on their self-healing journey. Similarly, these identical feelings are expressed by my clients.

When we are held by the divine, all manner of healing is possible and we are all uplifted by the experience, both practitioner and client.

Here to mentor you…

I was Blessed to be mentored by those who understood self-healing long before I did and who shared their Light with me. As  they guided me onto my own path of self-healing, I have learned how to do the same for others.