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Susan Grace Wisniewski


Susan Grace Wisniewski is a Reiki Master Teacher and a Reiki Master Practitioner since 2000

She is trained and certified by the ICRT in Usui /Holy Fire® Reiki and Karuna Reiki®

Professional Member, ICRT  Reiki Membership Association since 2010

Author, Restore Your Self, Introducing the Breathe in Light Technique: ‘Bright’

Metatron Color Healing Practitioner

Susan brings over 20 years of Reiki

experience to her Reiki practice,

combined with decades of experience

with numerous different types

of healing modalities.


Personal searching for self-healing has led Susan on a journey which introduced her to many mentors who helped her learn how to find her own answers. Insight Services was born from the need we all have to learn to trust our inner knowing and to cultivate our confidence in this process. Susan’s passion is to help others realize how easy it is to access our intuition, our insights and inner guidance at all times.

Self-healing is always available to us through; Metatron Color Healing,  Reiki sessions and Reiki training. These are all invaluable tools which assist us in this process. Susan is the ‘eternal optimist’ and believes that everything can be healed. Not everything can be cured, which is a different concept. Healing, however, involves transformation of emotions, mental states and even physicality to complete each step along the individual’s self-healing journey.

Reiki training with Susan empowers students with the tools and techniques which help instill daily self-healing practices into the students’ lives. People of all ages and from all walks of life have benefitted immensely from Susan’s Reiki classes.

about Insight Services Reiki center, Susan Grace Wisniewski“I see Reiki as the gift that keeps on giving,

as it continues to deepen my experience

and understanding of it,

each time I use it on myself or others.”

Susan Grace Wisniewski 

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the book restore your self

Restore Your Self,

Introducing the Breathe in Light technique:


Restore Your Self is the product of decades of learning how to heal my own grief and anger that resulted from family losses as a young child.

The Breathe in Light technique is an essential tool for self-healing the mental and emotional burdens we carry throughout our lives.

Susan uses the Bright technique daily for herself and with her clients in their sessions.

Most clients incorporate this technique into their own daily self-care practices.

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Susan Grace Wisniewski

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