Cultivate Your Own Self-Healing Energy

Cultivate Your Own Self-Healing Energy within your patchwork.

My style is to work with the ‘Patchwork’ that is you

It is so important to cultivate your own self-healing energy. When working with my Reiki clients, I bring the understanding that each of us is like a patchwork quilt, with life experiences pieced together to form who we are and how we view life. Each of us is made up of distinctly different parts which have combined to make the unique individual that we are. Within each of us, there are parts of us that are unresolved and easily reactivated, there are parts of us that are suppressed that we may be unaware of and there are parts of us that are the results of coping mechanisms that we enlisted in order to survive different aspects of our life. Most of us truly don’t have a clear understanding of who we are, as we have adapted our responses to meet family and society expectations.

Revealing your true self is a process

As I progressed along my own self-healing journey over the past 30 years, I gradually gained an understanding of who I was, beneath all the layers of congestion and construction. Slowly the layers of my anxiety dissipated, the layers of my anger dissolved, and the piles of my grief were unearthed and transformed until eventually I had a better sense of who I truly was. The revealing of the true self occurs while participating in one’s own self-healing. I bring an understanding of this process into my work with my clients. I help you to cultivate your own self-healing energy.

Activated issues await your self-healing 

By cultivating our own self-healing, we begin to realize that what we are carrying around with us may be healed, may be transformed. Paying attention in life to what makes us feel uncomfortable and unhappy will give us clues as to what we are ready to explore and transform in our lives. Once we begin to notice an issue and to ask the universe, the angels, and the divine for help, we start receiving helpful answers, nudges and insights. The universe responds with the help we need sooner than we imagine.

Breathe in Light Technique – Bright

While I am not a big believer in re-living our past history, I am interested in helping individuals heal themselves from their history. The common thread amongst our life histories are the emotions and thoughts that we each have experienced. By acknowledging these emotions and thoughts, inviting Light into them and breathing them out, we are able to transform and release layer after layer. Using my Breathe in Light technique to transform, heal and release what no longer serves you creates longed-for freedom in mental and emotional bodies,

Susan Grace Wisniewski ~ ‘Patchwork’ Healing Mentor

Within my Reiki practice, I typically use a combination of techniques from many different self-healing modalities. I am a patchwork practitioner, as I have gathered the most helpful, self-healing techniques that have proven useful to me over the past three decades. Most of the techniques I share with my clients are ones that I use for my own self-healing, on a regular basis. I am privileged to witness the self-healing that occurs in others when they invite the light of Reiki into their lives combined with the Breathe in Light technique. We have only to transform and bring balance to our emotions and mental states in order to heal ourselves.

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  1. Rose Gerstner
    Rose Gerstner says:

    I like the patchwork analogy! When I was a child, my family made patchwork quilts from scraps of clothing and bits of fabric left from various people and projects. Years later we could identify where the fabric in our quilts came from. I am a patchwork of my experiences and those of my family members.

    • Susan Grace Wisniewski
      Susan Grace Wisniewski says:

      I used to make basic square patchwork quilts from all the leftover fabric from all the clothes I used to sew. I started making quilts in my teens. We are each of us our own unique patchwork with some common patterns handed down through the generations.


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