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“Susan is a phenomenal healer. She was able to help me in such a gentle manner. It was a very spiritual experience. I recommended alot of my close friends to see her after my experience with her. She is compassionate and makes sure she really understands you. It was truly a great experience. Definitely coming back to see her.” ~J.D.R., 26, Martinsburg, WV

“Susan’s work one on one is powerfully healing. Learning her inhale light technique will allow you to have a self healing tool to take with you to use at your command, whether in a crisis or just any everyday stressful situation. It’s invaluable; whether for emotional or physical issues,I encourage you to seek her out. It will change your life.” ~S.O.K., Harpers Ferry, WV

“I have been coming to Susan for years as a practitioner and as a teacher. Susan is wise and intuitive and has helped me with family struggles and personal issues through her unique blend of Reiki and spiritual guidance.” ~B.M.W., Boonsboro, MD

“Discovering Reiki and developing an understanding of energy healing has FOREVER changed my perspective on mental health and traditional psychotherapy. I am now able to process, understand and direct my emotions with ease through the (demystifying) Inhale Light protocol.” ~B.G., 25, Shepherdstown, WV

“I started working with Susan over three years ago when my marriage was falling apart and I was trying to overcome many physical impairments from a life changing injury. Through a multitude of modalities Susan has helped me to overcome a lifetime of grief, fear, and pain and move on to new and exciting horizons. I made it through my divorce, through several family deaths, the close of a business that had been my passion for all of my life and move on to start a new business and a new life for myself. I credit Susan HUGELY for helping me to honor and respect myself and to aim for the highest, and even get there!! I have recommended Susan’s work to numerous friends and family and cannot speak highly enough of her intuitive skills and her integrity and passion for healing and for excellence in each of us.” ~E.A.D., Kuna, ID

“It’s the kind of thing that defies rational understanding. But it’s real. I’m a big believer in learning to be self-sufficient and to care for oneself. But I also believe in helping others and in accepting help.
Susan Wisniewski’s help (I’ve experienced both holographic repatterning with her, and some Reiki “tune ups”) has been amazing — the kind of help that both really helps, on many levels at once, and also helps you learn how to help yourself. I can’t recommend it too highly. Enter with an open mind.” ~wap, Shepherdstown WV

“Working with Susan W. for several months after a sudden and unexpected life changing surgery was a very rewarding and positive experience. The sessions assisted my healing * not only on a physical level, but also spiritually. Susan W. guided me to overcome the resulting fear and address where that fear originated. The sessions opened up a whole new path of spiritual growth for me and put me back in touch with my inner self.” ~SCB, Jefferson County, WV

“I’ve worked with Susan for about seven years now. “Intuitive Guidance Mentor” is a great way to describe her and her work. Susan relies on a number of tools and the results can be astounding. At the very least she provides valuable insights and perspectives. While Susan is not a therapist in any mainstream sense, she is an important part of my personal support system. Try working with Susan, she is amazing and refreshing in her approach to helping each of us deal with what at times is a mad mad mad mad world.” ~Jim Breitinger, Phoenix, Arizona

“The practice of healing is both an art and a science, and Susan has the unique quality of embodying both. She guides her clients to wholeness and in the process; they become more of who they were born to be. From the mundane issues of everyday life like stress or relationships, to the complexities of spiritual matters, she is mentor, teacher, and healer to all she touches. If you want to change your life for the better, GO! And if you are afraid of what change might bring to your life, all the more reason to take her hand and let her facilitate into courage. I have had the privilege of working with her for many years and she continues to be on the cutting edge of healing, growth, and positive change. Thank you, Susan, from the bottom of my heart and the depths of my spirit.”
~HC, Maryland

“I just need to say thank you with my whole heart for the work we’ve been doing together. I have come worlds beyond where I thought I would be at this point in my life and I am so thankful to be able to learn and heal with you. I came home on Friday and rearranged my room and my energy is at an all time high! You are an inspiration on so many levels and I just need you to know how much your influence has helped me grow!” ~G.B., New Hampshire

Susan Grace Wisniewski

insight services

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50-minute Reiki/Bright online session fee: $90 using the PayPal link below.

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