Reiki Treatments

Reiki: a gentle Japanese hands-on technique used for relieving stress and for creating relaxation, restoration and wellness in the individual.

Reiki Treatments Provide:

  • a holistic opportunity to receive a soothing treatment.
  • a chance to relax and to let go of stress.
  • renewed energy which helps the body maintain and restore health.
  • reminds us how to take care of ourselves and to nurture ourselves.
  • a respite from our responsibilities, so we can return to them refreshed.
  • restorative and preventative health care which may help us avoid future health scares.
  • routine and regular sessions which support our wellness holistically.
  • a treatment which is administered through the practitioners hands.
  • strengthens all our systems, physical, emotional, mental and instinctual.

Reiki treatments are:

  • usually one hour long, with shorter or longer treatments available upon request.
  • administered to the client who is lying fully clothed on a massage table.

Reiki energy passes:

  • from the Reiki practitioner’s hands to the client through light hand placements on the clients body.
Receiving regular Reiki treatments on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis is highly recommended and can greatly improve one’s health and well being on all levels; physically, mentally, emotionally and intuitively.

One-hour Reiki online treatments are $90 using the PayPal link below.

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About Susan Grace Wisniewski

Susan Grace Wisniewski is an ICRT trained and Certified Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki® Master. She is also trained in the Shoden and Okuden levels of Jikiden Reiki®. She has a M.S. in Botany and Plant Pathology and has been a student and practitioner of Alternative, Traditional and Complimentary therapies for over 30 years. Through her Professional Reiki Practice located at Insight Services Reiki Center in Shepherdstown, WV, Ms. Wisniewski has experience treating a variety of clients presenting numerous conditions including:

Broken bones
Breastfeeding issues
Cancer (Breast, Lung, Skin, Stomach, Throat)
Chest Congestion
Chronic Pain
Gas and Indigestion
Lymes disease
Muscle sprains
Self abuse
Sinus issues
Surgery (pre and post)
Teeth grinding
Thyroid issues

A member of the Reiki Membership Association of ICRT and the Holistic Network, Susan has held monthly Reiki shares for Reiki practitioners for the past 15 years.

For more information, to schedule a Reiki Treatment or a Reiki Training, please call (304) 876-3957.

“Reiki sessions with Susan have helped me to transform my life in a powerful and grounding way. I am deeply grateful to her. Before coming to see Susan, I was full of fear, anxiety, worry, and a myriad of other emotions we tend to think of negatively. After seeing Susan for regular Reiki sessions over the course of a couple months, I no longer felt so overwhelmed and depressed. She helped me to reignite my inner spark, my zest for life, and to cultivate a healthier way of interacting with the world around me.”—C.M., 25, Shepherdstown, WV

“Reiki sessions with Susan have facilitated a tremendous amount of healing for myself and my family. So many layers of stored life experiences and emotion have been revealed to me and healed through our sessions together. Reiki has transformed my life. I am a healthier person than I was a year ago because of my Reiki sessions with Susan.”—JLB, 44, Brunswick, MD

“Susan Grace Wisniewski plays an important role in my life with very helpful Reiki sessions and mentoring.  I rely on her using these to greatly reduce my stress. In one memorable session, her work led to almost immediate healing of extremely painful sciatica.  It had hampered my ability to perform daily tasks. Susan is patient and insightful with creative ideas for changing the limiting beliefs that result in stress.  She is very pleasant to work with and communicates so well.”—M.B., 87, Jefferson County, WV

“After going through a recent divorce and years of traditional counseling for anxiety and depression, I was given a referral to the gift of Reiki with Susan Wisniewski. Through my Reiki sessions with Susan, I have learned techniques to be attuned with my mind and body, to let go and stop trying to control everything in my life, and to address triggers such as codependency, guilt and shame. Since my Reiki sessions, I have had numerous family and friends comment to me that they see a (positive) difference in me. For me, the best gift of Reiki is that it has also strengthened me spiritually, and opened me to the love all around us.” —T.B., 47, Martinsburg, WV

“Two months of Reiki with Susan have given me more relief from anxiety and perfectionism than I received in one and one half years of mainstream therapy. In addition to the above, every day I find myself able to be more in touch with my own body, my own mind and my own feelings. I am reacting less and consciously acting more. I am continually surprised by the insight of which I am now capable after years of blindly moving forward without thinking or feeling.” —T. M., Jefferson County, WV

“A few months after major surgery I was still hurting, unmotivated and quite depressed. After just a few Reiki sessions with Susan at Insight Services, I already feel like a new person! The sessions are extremely relaxing and while the process involves acknowledging pain and issues and determining to let it all go, I find I’ve also let go of tons of tension when I leave her office. I’m already getting back into working out and have even added some much needed walking to my routine.” –Terry K., Shenandoah Junction, WV