Breathe in Light technique: ‘Bright’

Restore Your Self using the ‘BRIGHT’ technique

‘Bright’ is a process using the breath, Light and intention to transform and release long held traumas, emotions and beliefs from the body, mind and spirit.

The Breathe in Light technique: the ‘Bright’ process helps one restore the self back to the highest level of functioning where you remember how beautiful you are and how much potential you have.

Working with ‘Bright’ self-sessions can:

  • help transform and release the data backlog in one’s life
  • release unresolved emotions, limiting beliefs about the self
  • help one to be free of the burdens of the past

Most of us don’t realize how much the past is weighing us down, until we begin bringing more light back into our lives.

It is not always necessary to relive the past in order to heal it completely.

Similar to a house restoration which restores a house back to its original beauty and function, the Breathe in Light technique: ‘Bright’ will restore your Body, Mind and Spirit to renewed levels of love and beauty.

Give yourself the opportunity to experience deep peace and calm within.

As we go through life, we accumulate thoughts, emotions, experiences and memories.

  • Our body, mind and spirit contain remnants of our entire life experiences.
  • Some of these are processed and no longer linger.
  • However, most past experiences hover at the edge of our being and get reactivated by similar current experiences.
  • Once the past is reactivated, all the unresolved thoughts and feelings may spill out into your now.
  • This is usually a pretty messy occurrence which may involve over-reactions, raised voices and even raised fists.
  • I define this as “your Santa Claus bag of the past has just spilled into the room.”
  • As we carry this load from the past around with us, it begins to wear us down and to wear us out.
  • Like a computer that needs to be updated, we too, long for the chance to update our own personal system.
  • Instead, we are essentially running overlapping systems; the old me and the newly-improved me.
  • This tends to create glitches and trauma.

To explore the BRIGHT technique by using the first four triads, click on the link below:

Breathe in Light: Daily exercise

Breathe in Light, ‘mini Bright’

first two triads

audio version


To download the Breathe in Light technique PDF, click on the link below:

Breathe in Light technique PDF

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I started working with Susan over three years ago when my marriage was falling apart and I was trying to overcome many physical impairments from a life changing injury.

Through a multitude of modalities Susan has helped me to overcome a lifetime of grief, fear, and pain and move on to new and exciting horizons. I made it through my divorce, through several family deaths, the close of a business that had been my passion for all of my life and move on to start a new business and a new life for myself. I credit Susan HUGELY for helping me to honor and respect myself and to aim for the highest, and even get there!! I have recommended Susan’s work to numerous friends and family and cannot speak highly enough of her intuitive skills and her integrity and passion for healing and for excellence in each of us.” –E.A.D., Kuna, ID