Strengthening the Flow of Reiki

through the Reiki Practitioner

What influences the Reiki flow through the practitioner?

The flow of Reiki energy through a practitioner’s body is dependent on many different factors; such as openness, clarity, integrity, grounding, intention, frequency of use and your relationship with your Reiki guides. Read on for some different ways of strengthening the flow of Reiki through the practitioner.

Being open to all possibilities

Being open without limitations, without expectations and being in a neutral place to allow the Reiki to work through you; that is openness. If I don’t think Reiki can heal my fractured tail bone, then that belief is going to impact the results I receive. If I think Reiki can heal my bones now and any trauma held in them from the past; then that also will influence what I receive.


Being clear on all levels; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. If I have an old break in my arm, that may actually slow down the flow of energy through that arm. I view the body as being full of hundreds of little tiny garden hoses; each hose has some kinks, some crud inside them and some have boulders smashing them closed. The Reiki flow is similar to turning on the water spigot and allowing the water to flow. As the water rushes into the hoses, the kinks are popped open, the crud is moved through and the boulders are pushed off the hoses. Similarly, the Reiki increases the flow of energy throughout the body and like the water, helps to clear out the flows the more one uses or receives Reiki. This energy, this Light of the Divine, helps to clear out all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Integrity is about being in alignment with your truth

Know your truth and experiencing life from within your truth.

The old adage comes up once again; “physician heal thyself.” This involves spending some time getting to know who you are. You are buried beneath layers of responses which you created to protect the real you. Many of us function on ‘auto-pilot;’ which is a standard set of responses and reactions to everyone and everything around us. The true self isn’t given a chance to come out and play; we are too busy reacting. As we release old unresolved emotions from the past; the backlog of stuff that continually spilled into the present is released. We then experience freedom in each moment to pause, feel and respond from our integrity. As we develop more integrity within us, the easier the flow of Reiki is through us.

Grounding supports your ability to be a clear channel of Reiki

As you connect your body to the Earth, you allow the flow of the Reiki energy to move throughout your entire body. Imagining the Reiki light coming into your body and moving through it enhances the actual flow of this energy. Practicing various grounding techniques daily helps you stay in your body and helps one notice how energy flows through the body.

Intentions set parameters for the healing and strengthen the results

Begin by asking for the highest help and ask to be connected to the Spirit of Reiki, to the Reiki guides and ask for the highest level of healing for the highest good to occur. The more we involve the Divine and our Spirit helpers, the more effective the Reiki session. Releasing any beliefs we may have that we have to do this all on our own is essential to allowing the Divine to work through you.

How often we use Reiki on ourselves, on others and how often we receive Reiki greatly influences how Reiki flows through us.

It stands to reason, that if our energy flows are full of years of life experience and congestion; it will become clearer the more often Reiki energy runs through us. If we only receive and give Reiki once a month, our body will not be used to running Reiki through us. If we Reiki ourselves for five minutes a day, the body develops a very conducive relationship to the Reiki energy. One easy way to do this is to go to sleep giving yourself Reiki and when you wake up, give yourself five minutes of Reiki as you gradually wake up; it’s much easier to get out of bed after that. It is important to trade receiving Reiki on a regular basis; weekly if possible. The benefits of regular receiving will astound you.

Your relationship with your Reiki guides can be very informative and helpful

Experience gained within Reiki sessions can almost be like graduate school training, strengthening the flow of Reiki through the Reiki practitioner

Listening to your intuition as you do Reiki and noticing what suggestions come to guide the healing experience may become part of every Reiki session. Your Reiki healing guides can guide you where to place your hands on the body and you may also see images that inform the healing work.

In general, the more one uses the Reiki, the more flow you will develop through your hands and body and the more effective the results in all your sessions.

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