Strengthening the Flow of Reiki through the Reiki Client

How to get the most out of a Reiki treatment

For more than three decades, I have been exploring this possibility; how to get the most out of any treatment that I am receiving. I have received numerous types of body work and have always been interested in getting the most out of each session. As a result, I developed the technique, Breathe in Light, which helps one bring even more light into the body, to transform physica, mental and emotional aspects of yourself.

What I learned along the way, was that each time I breathed in light and breathed out fears or anger or sadness, especially in the context of a self-healing session from a practitioner, both I and the practitioner would notice how the energy flow had increased after I had focused on that area.

Basically, what I have discovered, is that anytime we are receiving any type of bodywork, such as massage therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, Reiki treatment, cranial sacral therapy or any other modality, we could increase the benefits of the session with a few simple steps.

As the receiver in a bodywork session, we have the option to 1) be as open as possible to the self-healing energy that’s coming in and to 2) transform and release anything that may stand in the way of this self-healing flow.

We awaken the body’s self-healing abilities

Therefore, it stands to reason, that when we choose to actively engage in our own self-healing, we awaken the body’s abilities to participate even more. Just by simply repeating to yourself quietly, I open, I open, I open to receive has incredible impact on what is happening in your body at the time. That statement is always my basic focus, if I don’t have anything else to focus on, or until I have something else to focus on.

If I am receiving a session of body work that is focusing on a particular area of my body that has been aching or is painful, then I specifically focus on opening that specific area to receive and I specifically focus on bringing in light with my breath into that area and breathing out anything that comes to mind. I might start breathing out hatred or jealousy or toxins or EMF’s, I never know quite what I will be breathing out of my body in any given moment.

Engaging your intuition strengthens the flow of Reiki

I always follow my intuition while receiving Reiki, I work intuitively with whatever pops into my mind during a healing session

Over and over, practitioners have been amazed at how quickly my body responds to their treatment. I always inform them of my inner work, either as I am participating in it or once I am done. While this might seem like a new concept to you; to actually participate in your massage or to participate in your acupuncture or to participate in your chiropractic, I encourage you to dip in and try it. The only reason I have continued to use this technique is because of how effective it has been in every session that I have used it. I have a 30-year track record of knowing how powerful and effective it is. It is a great tool to help you get as much out of a healing session as you are able . Aren’t we all looking for that? To get the most for our money?

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