How Does Reiki Work?

Are you curious how Reiki works? Think of how a river flows, and then think of the energy in your body flowing in a similar way

Reiki works with the body’s flows of energy

The flows of energy in the body could be open, congested or constricted

When I am working with a new Reiki client, I always begin by explaining my understanding of how Reiki works. I imagine the human body being full of hundreds of tiny flows of energy, much like tiny garden hoses. Similar to a garden hose, there could be blockages interrupting the flow caused by bends or creases, internal debris or external pressures. When you turn the water on at the faucet, the water begins to flow through the garden hose until it encounters something blocking the flow. The water might push any hose debris out of the way, it might unbend creases and it might even relieve the impact of external pressures.

The numerous flows in the body are very similar to this, we know that blood vessels sometimes get congested or collapse, that the lymph system and the nervous system could have similar flow issues. Every part of the body is dependent upon the continuous flow of energy to maintain health, whether in the form of blood, nutrients, electrical signals, etc.

The intention of the Reiki practitioner directs this healing energy into your body

Energy of Reiki moves through the body’s natural flows

This happens in-person or is sent over distances. (Learn more about how Reiki works online in this article.) Regardless of the setting, as the Reiki enters the body, it begins the process of moving through the various flows in the body. As Reiki moves through the body, it encounters blockages, debris or congestion. This light-filled wave of energy begins to transform whatever lies in the way of the flow. Commonly, one may either feel chilled or warmer during a Reiki session as the energies interact within the person’s body.

Self-healing Reiki energy comes from the highest realms, from the Divine source

This pure light energy interacts with your own body’s self-healing tendencies

Our body, mind and spirit is always attempting to move towards balance. This means that our body, mind and spirit is always attempting to heal itself. While this might be difficult to achieve without outside help, the Reiki provides the energy needed by the body to bring itself back into health.

Self-healing is promoted by Reiki

It is a gradual process, the body moves at its own pace and given the opportunity will gradually heal itself over time.

The energy of Reiki is a brilliant tool to aid and assist and even speed up this process of self-healing. During a Reiki session, the body begins to relax, releases stress and is then better able to heal itself.

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