What might Reiki help with?

Reiki helps you discover your own self-healing abilities

Reiki is an amazing self-healing tool which works with your own natural self-healing abilities that you were born with.

We may not even realize that we have self-healing abilities, but our body mind and spirit is always working for us, working to bring ourselves into balance as best as it is able. It therefore stands to reason, that Reiki is unlimited in all the ways that it could help you. This amazing energy comes from the highest realms of the universe, and it works with your own body’s consciousness to guide it.

Reiki is found to be helpful with physical, mental and emotional issues

As one receives the calming and relaxing energy of Reiki, it allows the body to move into a more efficient self-healing mode. Most Reiki clients report feeling uplifted, lighter in spirit, and more hopeful in general after receiving a Reiki session.

Receiving Reiki on a regular basis is beneficial

Multiple benefits occur when someone receives regular weekly Reiki sessions, as all the levels in the body get better and better at using this self-healing energy.

I have experienced personally and have seen in my Reiki clients that pain may diminish during a Reiki session. I have also seen various ailments gradually improve from regular Reiki sessions.

Are you interested in meeting me over the phone before you schedule your Reiki session with me?

Please feel free to email me info@insight-services.org with any questions you may have.

Pay Online

50-minute Reiki online session fee: $90 using the PayPal link below.

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