Metatron Color Healing Sessions

Self-healing with Divine help

Metatron's cube

Metatron’s Cube ~ watercolor by Susan Grace Wisniewski

What does a typical Metatron Color Healing session look like?

  • Check-in
    • Typically, a session with me begins with a check in with the client to determine the focus and intention of their session.
  • Connect to Divine helpers
    • We then consciously connect to Archangels to receive their guidance throughout the session.
  • Receive messages through oracle cards, divination tools
    • We may use various Oracle cards to gain guidance through selected images, which I will support with further information from Metatron.
  • Proceed with a self-healing protocol aimed at bringing resolution, clarity and transformation.
  • Closure, completion, gratitude
    • at the end of the session, we give gratitude for all the help we’ve received from spirit
    • acknowledge any affirmations that need to be integrated
    • use the brain holds technique for integration of the work that we have accomplished
    • Grounding the body

Some of the techniques used during a Metatron Color Healing session are listed below:

  • chakra balancing/ higher chakra activation

  • cord cutting

  • past life healing

  • ancestral healing

  • light body activation

  • inner child healing

  • color healing

  • editing scripts/ removing the story healing

  • elemental healing

  • distance healing

  • soul retrieval

  • healing spirit attachments

  • environment energy clearing

  • learning self-protection techniques


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