Do Healing Sessions Work Over the Web?

Intention is everything behind a successful remote self-healing session

People wonder how it is possible to receive a self-healing session through the computer. The How Do Remote Self-Healing Sessions Even Work Over the Airwaves?platform that you use doesn’t really matter, as one could participate in a self-healing session through Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, etc. Regardless of the location, whether in person or via the airwaves, it is always the intention behind initiating a self-healing session, that provides the foundation for it to have merit and possibilities. Setting an intention helps the self-healing session to work over the web.

Their intention is to ‘find a way to resolve this suffering.’

A person usually schedules a self-healing session because they are suffering some sort of discomfort or pain or anguish that they need help resolving.

The moment we decide to receive a self-healing session, the universe begins to align with that intention and helps us prepare to receive it. I have heard numerous stories from my clients about the way things have lined up for them before the beginning of their self-healing session. In the days or weeks before their scheduled appointment, they may experience synchronicities, memories, and may literally be given intuitive clues related to healing their issues.

Remote self-healing sessions are like prayer, relying on Divine support

There are some of us who only believe in a very black and white world; believing only in what they can see and touch and feel directly. While there is a part of me with one foot in that realm, I also embrace the possibility that all manner of help is available from the universe, from God, from the divine, from the Angels, from nature, etc. As a result, I trust my intuition, my inner knowing and my instincts, especially when I am in a self-healing session with a client. It has always served me and my clients well to listen to my higher self and to follow the guidance.

All manner of Divine support is available during a remote self-healing session

I know that when I enter into a self-healing session with a client, that I am not alone in helping to provide insight and healing possibilities for the client. In this moment, I know that I am supported in ways that I may not even understand, for my clients highest and best good and that any insights I receive are connected both to my higher self and to my client’s higher self.  I do believe that we are fully supported by the universe and that whatever is needed will be provided to us to help us get through this time. Divine support is another key ingredient which helps healing sessions held over the web to work.

Reiki treatments relieve stress and promote healing

As a Reiki practitioner for over 20 years, I have witnessed clients benefitting from this self-healing modality. Whether Reiki is offered in person or remotely over the phone or internet, the positive results abound. Reiki automatically involves clear intentions and divine support. Reiki helps an individual heal themself, which naturally occurs once we relax. Self-healing sessions absolutely work over the internet.

Self-healing is effective and occurs regardless of the location of the practitioner or the client

Whether they are in the same room or located miles apart, the self-healing intention is set, the Divine helpers align with the healing intention and both practitioner and client open to participate in creating the positive results. I am continually humbled to witness the sacred healing work that is set into motion in the context of my distant self-healing sessionsI am beyond grateful to be able to share this self-healing work over the airwaves with whoever is ready to work with me.

Consider beginning your self-healing journey today!

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