Self-Healing Technique Using Reiki

This 10-Minute Self-Healing Reiki Technique Is Perfect to Do at Home

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For this self-healing technique, it is not required topurple flowers give us self-healing energy have had any experience with Reiki before.

My intention for this self-healing experience is to help you understand that anyone can ask for Reiki healing from the Universe.

As you call in this pure Love and Light energy, it will come to you from the highest realms.

Imagining this Light in your body energizes and enlivens it. At the same time, it may feel healing, calming and relaxing.

purple flowers give us self-healing energiesIntroduction to the guidance

I will guide you through this simple process and you may notice if it feels helpful and works for you. You may choose to repeat this weekly, as it is likely that you will experience even more peace, calm and self-healing energy each time you do.

I welcome your comments and responses to this self-healing technique as I am always interested to hear how it was received by others.

Once we call in the Reiki, we will begin focusing on a specific area in your body, mind and spirit

It might be an area of tightness, tension, congestion, or discomfort. This area of your physicality, mental /emotional states, or spiritual self will now be the area that you focus on to bring healing energy into. Bringing your attention to this selected area causes more energy to be drawn into it. This initiates the self-healing process.

Next, we will focus on releasing any negative beliefs that are held in the focused area

It is important to realize that these areas of tightness, tension, congestion, or disease all have something in common. They all hold limiting beliefs which prevent them from fully healing. One of the many beliefs held within each area is, “I can’t.” This belief disrupts the flow of self-healing energy through the area. We will focus on releasing “I can’t” from the focused area of self-healing.

To transform and heal the effects of a negative belief, it is important to acknowledge that it is part of you

As you repeatedly state this negative belief  “I can’t,” (quietly or out loud) and breathe Light into it, the process of transformation and healing begins. Your body, mind and spirit has held onto this negative belief for a long time, and it needs to be accepted, acknowledged, and embraced so-that-it-can-be-released.

Essentially, your body, mind, and spirit desire to be heard

Once they feel heard, then they are ready to release what no longer serves them. Many of us are reluctant to repeatedly state a negative belief. Once you understand how important it is to give this nod of acknowledgement, you will be more motivated to give your negative beliefs their due process.

After releasing the negative belief, it is important to strengthen that cleansed area

We will do this by breathing a positive, light-filled affirmation into it. One of the most powerful affirmations to use is “I AM.” When we work with the “I AM” energy, we are accessing a conduit of pure, unadulterated, healing energy. The “I AM” energy is a limitless flow of healing energy, available to all. Each time we activate the “I AM” energy, we receive access to all manner of self-healing.

You may quietly read this to yourself to experience it. You may also listen to the Youtube video blog to experience this self-healing technique (with or without the captions).

Let us begin.

Take a few slow, deep breaths and place your hands comfortably on your body.

If you are listening to this on the video blog, you may close your eyes and follow my guidance through this technique.

If you are reading this on my blog, simply repeat the following with your inner voice:

  • I now invite the self-hepurple flowers give us self-healing energyaling energy of Reiki to join me, to surround me and fill me with pure Love and Light.
  • I imagine a round beam of pure Love and Light coming into the top of my head, filling my body with this Divine energy.
  • The Light of Reiki both surrounds me and showers me with beams of pure Love and Light from the highest heavens.
  • This Light continuously swirls around me and is breathed into every cell in my body.
  • I am grateful for the Divine spiritual presence accompanying the Reiki.
  • I am open to receive blessings, healing energies, and guidance from these highest illumined beings.
  • This light-filled self-healing energy creates a column of Light around me.
  • I imagine this column of Light extends above and below me, to the highest heavens and all the way down into the earth.
  • I rest in this portal of healing Light and know that it is helping my body to heal itself.
  • As I rest in this self-healing energy, I begin to focus this energy towards a specific area.
  • I now focus on an area in my body, mind and spirit that is calling for my attention.
  • I imagine the Light of Reiki being drawn to this area of focus.
  • I imagine receiving all manner of self-healing energy into the focused area.
  • I begin releasing any beliefs held in this area.
  • I breathe out the belief “I can’t” from the area that I’m focusing on.
  • I Breathe in Light and breathe out, “I can’t, I can’t, I can’t,” repeating this several times.
  • This congested energy continues to transform and release.
  • I begin bringing positive affirmations into the area that I’m focusing on.
  • I Breathe “I AM, I AM, I AM” into the area with the Light and I breathe “I AM, I AM, I AM” out with the Light, repeating this several times.
  • I notice how my body, mind and spirit are feeling now.
  • I notice if I feel more relaxed, calm or peaceful after doing this self-healing technique.
  • I bring my focus on this self-healing session to a close, knowing that these self-healing energies will continue flowing within and around me.
  • I give gratitude for all that I have received.
  • I am grateful for the healing Light and Love of Reiki that I received.
  • I am grateful for the presence and help from the highest illumined beings.
  • I am grateful, namaste, AHO, Amen.
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