Crystalline Spheres of Light

crystalline spheres of light around the heart and bodyToday we’re going to explore creating crystalline spheres of light around your heart and your body

We all have the ability to create self-healing opportunities. Our imagination aids us in creating visual self-healing tools.

By imagining light flowing within us, we raise our vibration and the body’s ability to heal itself.

By imagining the presence of a crystalline sphere of light around your heart, you create a self-healing tool that you may use again and again.

Join me in this guided visualization and test the self-healing waters for yourself.

After doing this process, you may be pleasantly surprised by how different your energy feels.

Check in at the end; do you feel more relaxed, peaceful and calm? Some people find this crystalline sphere visualization helps them go to sleep and to sleep well. 

Invite in pure Love and light

Take a few slow deep breaths and place your hands over your chest.

Invite in the pure love and light of Reiki, to join you, to surround you, to fill you.

It’s not necessary to have any previous experience with the self-healing of energy of Reiki. This abundant healing energy is always available to all, from the Divine and from the highest heavens.

It is my intention that anyone can use this self-healing visualization and benefit from it.

Now, imagine this continuous flow of healing light coming from the highest heavens, beams of gold and white light coming into the room, surrounding your body, and filling your body with light.

Imagine breathing in this pure love and light into every cell of your body.

Each time you inhale, breathe this pure love and light into your body, mind and spirit.

Gratitude for Divine support

We give gratitude for the presence of the Divine supporting us in this moment.

We’re grateful for the presence of the angels and the archangels of healing and light.

We’re grateful for their blessings, their guidance, and their healing energies.

Opening to receive even more light

We open to receive even more healing light and love.

Now, imagine breathing this pure love and light in through your hands, into your heart, several times.

Now, place your hands comfortably on your body in an area where you would like to receive even more healing energy.


Now, focus on grounding to the earth.

Imagine, as you breathe, you exhale down the body and the legs, out the heels and down to the Earth’s core.

Imagine roots extending from your heels, all the way down to the Earth’s core.

Breathe up through those roots, bringing the Earth energy up into your body.

Repeating this a couple more times.

Breathing down to the earth, breathing back up from the earth.

Create a healing crystalline sphere of light around your heart

Now, join me in imagining that you are creating and installing a crystalline sphere of healing light around your heart.

As you intend for this to happen, a crystalline sphere of light appears within you, surrounding your heart.

This sphere of light surrounds your heart with healing energy. It has no solid edges, as it is made up of pulsing beams of light and energy.

Allow these continuously pulsing beams of light to enter your heart.

Imagine breathing in this calming light-filled energy, each time you breathe.

Breathe this light in and out of your heart.

Opening to receive even more healing

Open to receive even more healing into your heart.

Imagine opening all the flows in your heart to this self-healing flow of light.

Opening all the cells in your heart to receive.

Allow this flow of light to move deep into your heart.

Open to even more self-healing from this crystalline sphere of light, around your heart.

Focus on the movement of this light as it expands and flows in and out of your field.

This light flows like an infinity symbol ““, in and out around your heart, in and out around your body.

A constant movement of light, in and around your body.

Create a healing crystalline sphere of light around your body

Now, imagine that you are standing inside yet another crystalline sphere of light, and this one encompasses your entire body.

Imagine that your body and the field of energy surrounding your body are contained in this sphere of light.

Recognizing that this continuously pulsing light and energy is bringing healing to your entire body, mind and spirit.

By focusing on this sphere of light, we’re drawing even more Divine light into it, to strengthen us.

This pulsing light strengthens us on all levels; strengthens our boundaries, increases our natural protection.

Breathe into your field, into your boundaries, into your aura.

Allow self-healing to happen

Know that these crystalline spheres of light around your body and heart are healing you.

They interact with and strengthen one another. They strengthen your body, mind and spirit.

This is one way to protect your energy. When we are filled with light, it is difficult for things that are less than light to interact with us.

It is beneficial to focus on this light flowing within your heart energy.

Daily routines of self-care

By remembering these flows of energy daily, you reactivate the flow of healing light within.

This type of self-care will provide benefits which grow over time.

Grounding to the earth several times a day is another important part of self-care and works well with this technique with the crystalline sphere.

Creating daily routines using helpful techniques means that you are choosing self-care as a priority.

Each time you re-visualize the crystalline sphere of light around your heart, it re-activates all the flowing, healing light energy connected to it.

I encourage you to remember this technique as often as you are able.

Gratitude and Closing

We are grateful for this opportunity to experience this self-healing light within.

We are grateful for the presence of the Divine and the angels.

Namaste, Aho, Amen.

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