Stay Energized with Self-Care Techniques

Stay energized with techniques to keep your energy flowing like nature's streams

How Routine Self-Care Keeps Your Energy Level High

What impacts the flow of energy within you?

Are you taking any steps to keep your physical energy moving?I’ve found that there is a strong relationship between self-care and staying energized, and I’ll be sharing some activities that work for me, and my clients. While I am happy to share some of the techniques I’ve incorporated into my daily routines, it’s also important for you to find your own. My intuition guides me to find each self-care technique. Your intuition will guide you towards what works best for you. You may find yourself staying energized after  introducing more self-care techniques into your life.

Time to gather more self-care techniques

I’m always on the alert for useful self-care techniques. A personal goal of mine is to add several new self-care techniques to my daily routine every year. Some of these techniques I have learned from chiropractors, bodyworkers, acupuncturists, as well as from famous wellness authors. 

It is possible to get by in life without adding any self-care routines to your life, but that doesn’t sound like an easy life. Or, you may already be doing self-care and not labeling it as such. Perhaps you take walks or jog or do yoga on a regular basis; these are all self-care techniques. When we purposely choose to create opportunities for getting exercise, we are practicing self-care. This care of the self feeds our soul and we tend to miss doing these activities when our routine gets interrupted.

Keep your mental/emotional energy moving

When you are depressed, something in your mental/emotional energy has become sluggish, or stuck. You could be stuck in your sadness, your anger, your fears, etc., from the present or the past. Finding the right technique to get your mental/emotional energy moving again is key.

In the past, when I felt depressed, I would light some dried sage and smudge my body’s field with the smoke and pray for relief and Divine help. I always felt better after smudging my field. Smudge smoke brings negative ions into your field which feels good, similar to what happens at the ocean.

Praying essentially brings Light into your body, mind and spirit as you connect to the Divine. This Divine Light helps you move through your emotions. And, this movement of Light and prayer helps to keep your mental/emotional levels energized. 

Protect your energy by keeping it full of Light

Years ago, one of my healing mentors told me, “As long as you keep your energy full of Light and moving, it will be difficult for anything dark or damaging to stick to you.” This has inspired me to always focus on keeping my system full of Light.

I imagine my body being full of continuously swirling Light and this energizes me. Seeing my energy to be like a stream, always moving, purifying itself helps me stay energized and also keeps my energy flowing. These imaginings or visualizations actually create and support the desired result; healthy energy flows.

Supplements: Self-care to support your energy level

There are unlimited beneficial supplements available to us in this modern era. While it might feel overwhelming, if I let my inner guidance help me find what will support me, it usually turns out for the best. If I am drawn to a certain supplement and am curious to find out about it, there is usually a reason. It means there is something beneficial for me in that supplement.

I keep coming back to certain supplements, after taking a break from them.The green algae powder which boosts your immune system and your energy levels has been a constant, yet off and on favorite supplement for me. Since I occasionally have inflammation issues from past Lyme disease, I tend to take supplements and mushroom tinctures that support me in this. Making sure that I have a trace elements source, a B-12 source, and a magnesium source, all help to keep my system in balance. These daily supplement routines help to keep me energized.

Walking up and down hills energizes me in the morning

Walking for 15 minutes every morning before breakfast, after drinking my lemon water, gets my body moving and pumping in a good way. I have been taking a morning walk like this for over 25 years. Years ago, internationally acclaimed healer, Rosalyn Bruyere pointed out in one of her workshops, that a short morning walk is essential to our health and especially one that involves going up and down hills. My morning walk has a few good hills in it and I literally crave doing this walk daily, so it must be beneficial.

Qigong: Self-care that keeps you energized

Qigong is a brilliant, yet subtle exercise that benefits the entire body and all the energy flows within it. The Dragons Way Qigong routine that I do every morning takes less than 15 minutes to do, with big benefits. Yoga is also a useful exercise if your body responds well to it. I have found that my inflammation episodes and yoga don’t work well together in my body. It is important to listen to your body every day, as your needs for certain exercises may change over time. Find the self-care exercises that benefit your body.

Meditation, chanting, and Reiki energize you

Daily prayer routines fill you with Light and love. Combined with meditation, chanting, or self-Reiki, you will feel energized by making time for this in your life. My best time to incorporate these options into my life is first thing in the morning, before my mind gets too active and I am easily distracted. Again, it is a personal choice which type of any of these you choose, it is important to create time for quiet contemplation in your life. You might be amazed how energizing it is to sit quietly and pray.

Add more self-care techniques to your life and reap the benefits

I hope I’ve helped you to acknowledge some self-care techniques that you’ve already incorporated into your life. Perhaps my list of self-care routines will inspire you to add more to your own. There are so many self-care options in the world, it is essential that you cater your self-care to your needs. Are you ready to add to your self-care routines?

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