How We Heal and Support Our Self-Healing

Activate your healing energy

There are many healing modalities that will activate healing energy within us and raise our vibration or energize us as a result

As we agree to receive the healing intention of the session, we are agreeing to work with the energy that results from the session. Basically, we are remembering how to heal our self, using the healing energy that is introduced in the context of a healing session. I am blessed to have had personal experience receiving numerous healing modalities over the past 35 years and this has contributed greatly to me remembering how to heal myself. Are you ready to learn how we heal and support our self-healing?

I have learned how to get out of my own way and how to release what is held within that no longer serves me. I have experienced deep, healing relaxation while receiving acupuncture, massage, reiki, cranial-sacral therapy, Bio-field tuning and while using my own Inhale Light Protocol. These modalities all share the ability to create a deep sense of peace within the receiver, which then allows for deep healing to occur. How We Heal and Support Our Self-Healing

Receiving self-healing energy

What happens after receiving a healing session? What does the integration of healing energy look like after a session? Why do the results of the healing session need to be integrated after the session? While you are receiving a healing session, you are literally receiving highly refined energies or frequencies of light. You are being filled with Light.

There is always a response to receiving light; our entire system will make certain adjustments to accommodate the healing energy that has entered the body. Basically, during a healing session a higher flow of energy is introduced into a system that has a lower flow of energy. The light-filled energy is always of a higher vibration than what is found within the body, as this energy is coming from a highly refined source of pure light.

Transforming what no longer serves us

These higher frequencies of light will then help to transform, vaporize or breakdown congestion within us. This light will flow through the body, attempting to breaking down any congestion or pollution that obstructs its flow through the body. The body accommodates to this input of light and is transformed.

Releasing the toxins from the body

These broken down particles will then need to be released from the body. Drinking lots of water and soaking in a hot bath with Epsom salts or Himalayan salts will aid the release of these toxins from the body. I am used to feeling great immediately after a healing session, and then a little later, feeling tired which will usually result in an early bedtime, if I listen to my inner guidance and comply. Ideally, I will take an Epsom salt or Himalayan salt bath before retiring for the night.

The next day I may feel a little achy or out of kilter and then these usually pass through unnoticed by me. Before long, the new and slightly improved me is onboard, which, again, I may or may not notice, right away. We tend to be really good at noticing when we don’t feel well and less skilled at discerning positive changes because once we feel better; we are usually busy taking advantage of that fact. I do usually notice retrospectively how much better I feel and how much more I’ve accomplished or even how motivated I felt after the healing session.

Integrating and adjusting to this new version of you

After receiving a healing session, you may feel tired, achy, moody, etc. and this presents an opportunity to further take care of your self. You have done nothing wrong, this is part of your self-healing process. The sooner we learn what self-healing looks like, the sooner we will accept it and move through it. You may need to get more sleep, get more exercise, or you may need to start acknowledging the pile of suppressed emotions within you and start breathing them out.

As a society, we have forgotten how to make self-care a priority

So most of us have ignored regular restorative care. Our self-care is long over due and now we must play catch-up to restore balance and order. It’s like driving our car without ever changing the oil, eventually the oil will get dirty and depleted and may even cause a breakdown. So as we begin the self-healing process, we may experience achiness, toxin releases and moodiness as what has been long ignored needs to recognized and released.

The good news, bad news is that healing your self is a gradual process

Self-healing may feel similar to moving two steps forward and one step back. I have been working on my issues and myself for decades now and still I will occasionally feel a bump or two during the integration of the healing energy. The good news is that, this too shall pass.

I usually feel better once the first day of integration has passed. Integrating the changes into who we are and how we are tends to be a continual process, I feel like I’ve been integrating changes into my being for about 35 years. The new, improved me continues to evolve and refine and I am continually pleased with the results.

How We Heal and Support Our Self-Healing

Healing our self looks and feels differently to every individual but we all have in common the presence of multiple layers of congestion within us which are waiting to be healed

It’s impossible to predict what layers or issues will be addressed first as there are many correct, diverse ways to go through the healing process. It’s never too early or too late to begin your self-healing journey; you are always on time, in the right place. Everyone’s healing pace is different, perfectly accommodated to you and your life.

Once we choose to heal our self, we will seek opportunities to receive healing energy; which begins the process of transforming our inner darkness into light. We will actively release what no longer serves us, which allows the integration of a renewed way of being into our life. Each of these steps or stages may occur simultaneously or separately, overlapping as the healing process occurs.

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