It’s Time to Heal the Trauma

We may each have a Kavanaugh in our past. I certainly do and most of the women I know do. #MeToo. We may also commonly share a cloudy memory of what actually happened that time when a male took advantage of us. Likely, there were mind-altering substances involved; alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, to name a few. Combined with being attacked by a male and forced to have an undesired sexual encounter, our fight or flight response would have kicked in and disconnected us from the trauma so that we would survive it.

These memories may lay dormant until a similar event occurs to us or to someone else we know or when we read about in the news. Our memory of our past violation, which was tucked away within us, long forgotten is now woken up and we start to remember it.

We recall the powerlessness, the helplessness, the betrayal. We feel the anger, the shame and the confusion once again.
Once an old trauma has been woken up, we now have access to transform and heal it. Using my Inhale Light Protocol will help us to transform and heal this.

We begin the process by asking for Divine love and light to be sent back through time to that traumatic event, to bless it with retroactive healing. We then begin the process of wading through the layers, healing them one by one. We inhale light into the shock and trauma which helps to vaporize and release them, and then we breathe out shock and trauma with the light. We repeat this two more times. Inhale light, exhale fear, terror and panic. Inhale light, exhale hatred, anger, hurt. Inhale light, exhale sadness, grief, sorrow. Inhale light, exhale helpless, powerless, victim. Inhale light, exhale judgment, criticism and blame. Inhale light, exhale confusion, doubt, distrust. Inhale light, exhale denial, resistance, disconnect.

To restore our wholeness, Inhale power and confidence and courage and safety with the light. Exhale power and confidence and courage and safety out with the light. Repeat several times.

Gently reflect back on the past trauma, checking in to see how it feels now. Does it feel less intense and less emotional? Is there anything else that needs to be addressed and released? Does this feel complete for now? You may wish to repeat this daily for couple more days.

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