Reiki Skills Development Program

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Reiki Skills Development program

for Reiki practitioners


By scheduling four consecutive Reiki sessions

with me at one of the following intervals;

weekly, biweekly or monthly,

you will find your Reiki self-healing skills developing at a faster rate.


Within this Skills Development program,

you have the potential to:

deepen your understanding of self-healing,

increase your ability to access your intuitive nature,

develop continuous expansion of your higher senses

and begin to open yourself to limitless possibilities.


Your Reiki skills will develop as we each hold sacred space

for whatever is presenting for self-healing in the moment.

In these scheduled Reiki sessions, whether by zoom or in person,

25 minutes will be spent with you

giving me a Reiki session

and 25 minutes will be spent with me

giving you a Reiki session.


The fee for the four sessions will be

$95 per session ($380)

and if paid in one payment, is reduced to $350.


Each set of four sessions completes one level within the program.

There are three levels to the Reiki Skills Development program

and they may be completed consecutively or with time in between.

Are you interested in meeting me over the phone before you schedule your Reiki session with me?

Send me an e-mail

Susan Grace Wisniewski

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Reiki Skills Development program

full fee, discounted

Level One, four sessions


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Reiki Skills Development program

Level One, One of Four sessions