The Book! Restore Your Self~Introducing the Breathe in Light Technique: Bright by Susan Grace Wisniewski

Restore Your Self Introducing the Breathe in Light Technique:Bright

‘Restore Your Self ‘introduces the Breathe in Light self-healing technique: ‘Bright’, which aids one in using their breath, Light and intentions to transform and release the accumulated life history stockpiled within us.

This accumulation of unresolved emotions, negative mental states and outdated beliefs begin to congest us, interfering with the free flow of energy within us. As one uses Bright self-healing to transform and release layer after layer of this congestion, it becomes easier to remain in the present and not be weighed down by the past or worried about the future. As a result, one may feel more freedom in their life to enjoy the now, to accept and appreciate what is.

Daily use is encouraged and repeating the numerous self-healing exercises proves beneficial on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

The author developed this self-healing technique over the past 30 years to become free of her own debilitating depression, anger and allergies. Having experienced the loss of several siblings in childhood, the weight of that grief motivated her to develop the Bright technique.

It is the author’s hope and intention that ‘Restore Your Self’ and the Breathe in Light technique: ‘Bright’ provides similar possible results to all who endeavor to heal their own lives.

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