Strengthening Your Energy With Light

A guided visualization technique~listen on YouTube channel, see link below.

Guided self-healing visualization (follow indented directions, explanations are in italics).

Part 1

  • Take a few slow deep breaths. Breathing in and out through your nose. Follow the breath, with your attention, as it moves up and down your body.
  • Notice as your breath fills your belly, your chest and then your upper chest.
  • Bring your palms together up into the prayer position, in front of your heart.

You begin the process of strengthening your energy with Light.

Connect your attention to your heart energy

When you place your palms together, you are creating a continuous flow of energy through the body, where the energy from each hand goes into the other. This energy then moves through the arms and circulates around in the body. When you bring your palms together, it initiates a blessing of energy flowing through your body. You are blessing and re-charging yourself with your own energy flows. By bringing your hands together in front of your heart center, you connect that flow of energy to your heart’s flow of energy.

Tapping into your personal energy generator: the heart

Your heart has an amazing flow of energy that amplifies of its own accord. This energized heart flow of energy continuously pulses out into the world, all around you. It’s connected to your core source of pure Love and Light, which is amplified through you and beyond you. Bringing your hands up into the heart energy directs even more pure Love energy to flow through your hands into your body. This circulates your heart energy deeper into your physical body.

  • Imagine being open, open, open, even more, to receive this pure Love and Light energy.
  • Opening your cells, tissues and organs, opening every molecule to receive even more Love and Light.
  • Choosing to receive pure Love and Light self-healing energy now.

Bringing the energy of self-healing Light into your nervous system

  • Now imagine that this healing Light is wrapping around all your nerves. Your nerves are being coated with soothing, calming Light. All your nerves are being coated with Light right now.
  • As a result, you imagine opening your nervous system to receive this soothing energy.

Imagining Light throughout your nervous system has the potential to calm and relax this entire system.

  • You begin to feel your body release tension and relax deeper and deeper.

Imagining Light in your body, brings Light into your body

Your nerves extend throughout your entire body. Some individual nerves run the entire length of the body. Every aspect of your physical tissue has nerves running through it. So, when you imagine surrounding your nerves, your entire nervous system with Light, essentially your entire body is filling with Light. You can deepen this experience with your imagination.

  • Imagine being able to breathe Light through your nerves, in and out and all around your nerves. Just by intending this to happen, causes it to occur. Your intention creates your reality (Wayne Dyer).
  • Notice how you feel as you do this.
  • Notice if you are relaxing deeper and deeper. Allow yourself to rest and sink into this possibility, this exercise.

Holding specific nerves in the Light

  • Focus on bringing even more Light into the vagus nerve, one of the most important nerves in the body. “The vagus nerve is involved in nearly every physiological action in the human body and harnessing its power can have an immediate and dramatic impact on your well-being.”

For this exercise, it’s not essential to know where this nerve is in the body. Your intention to bring light into the vagus nerve is what is important. Your body knows where the vagus nerve is, even if you don’t consciously know.

  • Focus on bringing even more Light into the vagus nerve and create the opportunity for even more relaxation to occur. As the body, mind and spirit relaxes, self-healing prevails.
  • Imagine continuously breathing more and more light into and around the vagus nerve.
  • Continue breathing Light into your vagus nerve while you read or listen to the following.

Wondering what limits your self-healing abilities?

You may be unconsciously limited in these abilities by an over-stimulated vagus nerve. One contributing factor to this over stimulation may be due to your inability to keep your personal energy field in balance. Ideally, your energy field extends to the length of your outstretched arms.  When your energy field extends beyond this, it indicates that you are overextended. As a result, you may feel stretched too thin, anxious and worried all the time. The commonly, over-stimulated vagus nerve may keep your nervous system excited and stuck in hypervigilant mode, i.e., on the alert for danger. It’s a bit of a vicious cycle, your worry and anxiousness about relationships and life, overextends your energy, stresses out your vagus nerve, and causes yet even more worry and anxiety.

Bring your scattered energy back

The next step in calming the whole system involves bringing your energy back.

  • Imagine visualizing your overextended energy field and seeing the imbalance.
  • Begin bringing your energy back within your field by inhaling and stretching your hands and arms outward, with the intention of grabbing your energy from afar.
  • As you exhale, imagine grabbing and pulling your energy back within your healthy energy field.
  • Repeat with the breath, reaching out and bringing your energy back to yourself.
  • Then place your hands on your body, above and below your heart.
  • Know that your energy will continue returning to you, until it is complete.

Draw back all your Light-filled energy

  • Repeat with your inner voice, “I draw all my Light-filled energy back, into my body, mind and spirit.” Imagine that happening as you breathe, in and out. Repeat 3 times. “I draw all my Light-filled energy back, into my body, mind and spirit.” “I draw all my Light-filled energy back, into my body, mind and spirit.”
  • Imagine the field of energy around you becoming denser and more filled with Light. Your energy field is glowing with Light, golden white Light, with a clear strong boundary at the edge.
  • Bring your focus back to you and doing what’s best for you in any given moment. Rest within your contained field of energy, your restored boundaries, your restored sense of peace and safety.
  • Notice how you feel, relaxed? Calm? Peaceful? Allow yourself to rest in this energy, to truly experience how it feels.

Part 2

Work with maintaining your field of balance

  • For a moment, lightly dwell on something that you’ve been concerned about. Just float it into your awareness for a second and notice what happens to your field of energy.
  • Notice if it disrupts your sense of peace and calm.
  • Now, let it go completely with the exhale and breathe more Light into your field.
  • Intentionally draw your energy back into your field again
  • Call all manner of pure Love and Light to bless you. Just by thinking this, makes it happen.
  • Feel and imagine your boundaries opening to receive this Light into every cell of your body. Notice how that feels.
  • Notice if you were able to come back to that place of peace and calm.

Send Light to your relationships, your issues

  • Whatever aberrant thought you just focused on in that last exercise, imagine asking the Divine to surround this person, this issue, or this place with pure Love and Light.
  • “I am grateful for the Divine presence to surround this with pure Love and Light.” Repeating this three times, with your inner voice; “I am grateful for the Divine presence to surround this with pure Love and Light.” “I am grateful for the Divine presence to surround this with pure Love and Light.”
  • Again, checking in with how you feel after doing that.
  • Are you still connected to the peace and calm? Did you lose track of it in that process?
  • If so, breathe in Light to bring back the peace and calm.

The more you focus on bringing your energy back and keeping it full of Love and Light, the better you get at maintaining peace and calm in your life.


  • I give gratitude for all the beings of Light who have aided and assisted you in this process.
  • I am grateful for deeper learnings about pure Love and Light in this mystery called life.
  • I am grateful for the presence of all the rays of Light.

Namaste, Amen

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