Stretched Too Thin? Time to Pull Your Energy In

are you stretched too thin? time to pull your energy in.Are you stretched too thin?

You don’t always recognize when it happens, but there are signs that present themselves when you’ve lost control of your personal energy. Take a minute occasionally to assess how you feel. And, when you are stretched too thin it’s time to pull your energy in.

Do you find yourself perpetually worried about things outside your control? Are you being distracted by the lives of other people close to you? Is it difficult to turn off your mind when it’s time for sleep? Have world issues become an obsession? Have fears, anxieties and worries taken over your life? If any of these scenarios sound familiar, you may have inadvertently lost control of your personal energy. Yet you may not have a clue about how to fix this.

In this blog, you’ll learn about personal energy maintenance and how to bring it back into balance. Discover why keeping your energy balanced is as important as diet and exercise. And read further to learn more about personal energy maintenance.  Begin to imagine a life with less anxiety and worry, and more peace and calm.

You are not alone

Firstly, it’s important to realize that ‘over-extending your energy’ is currently a very common issue. Many people get caught up in the overdoing, over-extending loop of life. These same folks are also searching for ways to calm their life and their energy down. From time to time, when you notice you are stretched too thin it’s time to do some personal energy maintenance.

Secondly, it’s not unusual to feel like you can’t control your emotions or your thoughts.  After all, most of us have not been taught how to bring our emotions into balance. We routinely extend our focus into other people’s lives instead of focusing on our own. While it is certainly important to stay connected to your loved ones, it becomes unhealthy when it becomes your only focus.

The reality is, that we live in a pretty codependent world, where over-extending our opinions and focus into our relationships is commonplace. Reading a good book on codependency helps to bring awareness to this imbalance in your life, so that you can re-evaluate how to keep good boundaries in relationships.

Thirdly, and most importantly, there are techniques out there to help you get your energy back into balance. Self-healing techniques can be found in different types of breathwork, in my Breathe in Light technique, and in my blog on Asking for Divine Help, to name a few. I’ll be sharing some techniques here.

Personal energy maintenance becomes a priority

One of the most important aspects of self-care involves taking care of your own energy. People don’t often realize when their energy is extending beyond healthy limits. Over-focusing on other people’s problems or worldly concerns wreaks havoc with keeping your personal energy intact. Remembering to keep your energy contained within clear boundaries is almost a lost skill. Thankfully, even though we feel stretched too thin, we can still pull our energy back in. There many ways to do this; personal energy management needs to become a priority.

The human energy field

A healthy human energy field with clear boundaries is essential to our well-being. Typically, our human energy field (or aura) extends about one to three feet beyond the physical body. Our personal boundaries exist at the edge of this field. We typically feel safe, comfortable, and naturally protected when both are in balance. Healthy boundaries enable us to keep a balanced focus on our own needs, choices, and life.

Have I overextended myself?

When your energy extends beyond the above-described healthy limits, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed. This is due to your being bombarded by stray energies. Concerns and worries abound, about the world, the climate, and relationships. These outer influences may dominate your awareness. Pay attention; feeling stretched too thin? Know that it’s time to pull your energy back in.

Without clear boundaries it may prove difficult for you to focus on your own needs and well-being. You may find your focus continually drawn to thinking about others. As a result, anxiety and fears may overtake you, causing insomnia, restlessness, or tension throughout the body. These telltale signs indicate that your inner peace has been disturbed. Thankfully, it’s never too late to turn this tendency around.

The perfect time to begin Personal energy maintenance is now

The perfect time to heal your field and boundaries is when you (finally) notice how out of balance they are.

Step 1) Bringing your energy back into balance

Begin by asking for help. Choose who you are asking for help from. Repeat with your inner voice:

  • “I ask my higher self/ God/ the angels to help me balance my energy field and boundaries.”

Now, imagine your energy streaming back to you, back within the three-foot band of energy around you.

Repeat with your inner voice:

  • “I draw all my energy back to me now.” (Repeat 3 times)

Imagine that you can breathe your energy back into your field, each time you inhale. You might even extend your arms outward to grab the energy and pull it close to you, over and over. Your imagination aids you in bringing your energy back.

You might focus on this process for 3 to 10 minutes. Check in with yourself periodically along the way; noticing when you start to feel calmer and more peaceful. This part of the process may then be complete.

Step 2) Filling yourself with Light

Follow the guidance below to fill yourself with Light. This self-healing technique energizes you with pure Love and Light. Try using your imagination to visualize the following while you repeat with your inner voice (or think about it happening if that is easier). There are many correct ways to do this, whatever way you imagine it to be, will be best for you.

Imagine the following as you repeat with your inner voice:

  • “I draw all my Light-filled energy back within my boundaries and into my field.”   (Repeat 3 times)

Imagine beams of Light streaming into the field around your body.

Step 3) Clear your energy, your inner congestion

To maintain a healthy human energy field with clear boundaries, we need to do periodic cleansing. Observing what emotions or mental states pull your energy down gives you clues on what to focus on.

For example, when we worry and have fears about our loved ones, we are literally sending our worries and fears to them. The last thing we want to do is to add to the load that somebody else is already carrying. One solution for this is to use the Breathe in Light technique or ‘Bright’ to transform your fears and worries and let them go.

Imagine the following as you do this:

  • Breathe in Light and breathe out: Fear, Anxiety, Worry.” (Repeat 3 times)

This ‘Bright technique’ will help release the stuck emotions that contribute to the imbalance of energy in your life. You can apply this technique to any combination of your emotions or mental states. You can read more about the Breathe in Light technique here.

Step 4) Blessing your loved ones with Divine Light

Asking the Divine to bless our loved ones with Light is a simple empowering gift to others and ourselves. By doing this, we are holding our loved ones in the Light, without fear or worry and this is empowering for all. Holding someone in the Light fills us both with hope. Simply asking the Divine to surround them with Light, makes it happen.

Repeat with your inner voice:

  • “I ask the Divine to surround all my loved ones with Light.”

Each time we ask for Light, we receive it, from the Universe, from the Divine. And each time we ask for Light to surround someone else, we both receive it.

To summarize…

Four simple steps for Personal Energy Maintenance which help bring balance back to your energy field and boundaries.

  1. call your energy back into your field and strengthen your boundaries.
  2. strengthen your field and boundaries by filling them with Divine Love and Light.
  3. transform the emotions and mental states that you are carrying around with you.
  4. bless others with Divine Light.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious, worried about other people, lighten your load by trying these techniques. If you find them helpful, consider learning more with my book Restore Your Self.

  • ‘Restore Your Self’ introduces the Breathe in Light self-healing technique: ‘Bright’, which aids one in using their breath, Light and intentions to transform and release the accumulated life history stockpiled within us.
  • As a result, one may feel more freedom in their life to enjoy the now, to accept and appreciate ‘what is.’

Are you ready to feel energetic, peaceful and calm?

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