Refresh your Space with Energetic Housekeeping

refresh your space with flowersWe all have routines where we physically clean our space and we usually feel better in our space after it’s been cleaned. But, you may not realize how beneficial it is to energetically clean your space. Keeping your space physically clean requires commitment, discipline and energy to get it done. Energetic cleaning takes the same commitment, but it’s worth it because this type of cleaning can change your life.

Refresh your space with energetic housekeeping and reap the benefits.

Energetic space cleaning is rewarding

Working with my Reiki clients this week reminded me how essential it is to practice good energetic housekeeping. My clients reported that the energy changed dramatically in the spaces that we had cleaned last week. 

In one case, the energy in a restaurant became much more positive, from the wait staff, to the customers, to the chef. This reminded me that space clearing is always a relevant topic. Learning how to do space clearing and developing good space clearing habits brings benefits beyond your wildest imaginings.

The benefits of energetic space cleaning

Would you like to feel more positive at work? Would you prefer to feel all your co-workers are working well together? Would you like to see co-workers enjoying their job rather than dreading it?

These are some of the common changes that result from regular energetic space cleaning of the work environment. Many also report feeling energized at work instead of drained. These positive changes are possible and are regularly reported to me after clearing energy congestion from the work environment.

Keep your space fresh with energetic housekeeping

One might wonder why we need to energetically clean our environment. We are used to seeing dust, dirt and cobwebs in our physical environment and that motivates us to physically clean the space. What we might not be as sensitive to, is the energetic congestion in our environment. Even though most of us can’t see congested energy, we definitely feel it.

Whether we want to admit it or not, we all know when a space feels good. We know when a restaurant, a concert hall or someone’s house feels good. When a space feels energetically good, we are more comfortable there, tend to relax, and stay open to enjoying the moment. That’s why it’s vital to refresh your space with energetic housekeeping regularly.

You’ve already been clearing the energy in your space

 There are many simple techniques to freshen up and energetically cleanse your environment. You might be surprised to realize that some of these techniques you’ve already been doing for years. For instance, many of us will regularly light candles, put flowers in a vase, burn incense, or even smudge with sage in our space. We also open windows to let in fresh air or open curtains to let the sunshine into our space.

Today, you’ll learn about four basic energy clearing techniques:

  1. Reiki techniques to energize your space
  2. Calling in pure Love and Light to bless your space
  3. The Perelandra simplified energy cleansing process
  4. Cleanse your space with the Energy clearing drain

To begin:

1. Reiki techniques to energize your space

Reiki techniques to energize your space are based on the reality that Reiki is pure Love and Light energy. By intentionally sending or calling Reiki into your environment, you are filling your space with pure Love and Light.

If you have been attuned to Reiki, then you will know to hold up your hands and ask the Reiki to flow into you and out of your hands into your environment. This blesses your space with pure Love and Light.

If you have taken the second level of Reiki, then you know how to use some Reiki symbols to clear your space. And, at the Reiki master level, there are even more advanced techniques to look forward to, which will energetically clear your space.

    2. Calling in pure Love and Light to bless your space

Everyone has access to pure Love and Light, whether they have Reiki training or not. It is very simple to imagine pure Love and Light beaming into your living space.

Repeat with your inner voice:

“I Ask the Universe, the Divine, the angels to fill my space with pure Love and Light.”

Simply trust that your request has been heard and responded to. You don’t have to be able to see the Light or even feel the Light as it’s streaming into your space. After I have asked for my space to be filled with Light, it feels better, it feels lighter.

Regularly calling Light into your space is very helpful for your living environment. It will contribute to keeping the energy moving and clear which will help keep your personal energy moving and clear.

      3.  The Perelandra simplified energy cleansing process

Perelandra is a company started by Machelle Small Wright in the 1990’s that works with Nature Intelligence to create essences and techniques. Fortunately, I was directed by a healing mentor to start exploring Perelandra processes and products. Consequently, I have regularly used Perelandra essences and processes since 1993.

Uniquely, Perelandra has created a brilliant space clearing technique which I have used for decades to clear homes, apartments and even schools. You can find the link for the simplified version of the energy cleansing process here. Coupled with the Perelandra essences, the Perelandra processes prove to be supportive tools for life.

As a result, The Emergency solution by Perelandra is an essential essence that I keep with me at all times. This essence solution is used during the energy cleansing process and is also beneficial for restoring balance on all levels, under any circumstances. Therefore, I highly recommend exploring Perelandra essences, processes and books.

      4.   Cleanse your space with the Energy Clearing Drain

What if you had a simple way to clear, recharge and energize any environment you find yourself in? The energy clearing drain technique is the solution for neutralizing overwhelming energies found in many locations, such as your home and workplace.

Clearing your space (or location that you are moving through, or visiting, etc.) with the energy clearing drain technique is an effective way to restore peace and calm instantly.

This energy clearing technique clears out the stagnant, congestive energy which fills most buildings, homes, etc. Consequently, I use this technique every time I travel, clearing the energy in airports, museums, airplanes, restaurants, etc.

You can download a PDF of the technique here.

The technique is as follows:

Determine where you would like to use the energy clearing drain. If it is a house, you can imagine a single 3-foot diameter hole opening up in the floor, centrally located on the first floor of the home. If it is an apartment, you will locate this 3-foot diameter hole similarly. If it is just one room or an office, then you are doing the entire technique in that room.

To begin:

Imagine a 3-foot diameter hole opening up in the floor.

Imagine a 3-foot diameter column, cylinder or drain that drops from that hole, connecting the hole to the earth’s core instantly.

Imagine drawing four lines of energy up from the four lowest corners of the space and dropping them into the drain.

Imagine drawing four lines of energy down from the four highest corners of the space and dropping them into the drain.

Imagine raising the drain up, halfway into the room.

Imagine seeing 8 lines of energy, spinning in a clockwise vortex fashion, pulling dark, stagnant, ungrounded, non-beneficial energies out of the entire space.

State with your inner voice, I call in divine love and light, the angels and archangels of healing and light, all manner of pure love and light to bless this space, inside and out.

This cleansing technique process runs for about an hour and then it just ends and disappears energetically.

It is highly recommended to repeat this process weekly, monthly or daily, depending on where it’s being used. After doing this technique, it is usually quite palpable to feel the difference in the cleared space. I have always gotten great feedback from clients who have used this technique to cleanse their spaces.

As I mentioned before, this week my client reported how positively their space had been affected by the space clearing techniques we had employed. I hope you’ll try some of the energetic housekeeping techniques in this article. Adding some of them to your weekly house cleaning routine won’t demand a ton of time, and will hopefully have you reap similarly positive results. Let me know how it goes in a comment below.

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