How to Activate Your Positive Flow

Breathe in Light and Breathe Out Negativity

Everyone’s life has an up and down flow

Sometimes we feel upbeat and energized and other times we feel low energy and uninspired. Times that feel like the universe is lined up for us to succeed. Times where our life feels dark, difficult and full of struggle. We might attribute these mental-emotional swings to what’s going on in current events, in our relationships, our diet, the weather, etc.

Have you ever wondered, “How can I experience more ups than downs?” 

This blog will teach you about how to activate positive flow in your life. 

What is knocking us off our positive flow?

What we may not realize, is that whatever we are bumping into in life, is knocking us off our positive flow. We lose track of this flow because we keep getting bumped into our past.

Not getting stuck in the past, but using it to heal

These bumps in life are waking up segments from our life history. And once something from our past is woken up, it is in the room with us, ready to be dealt with. How does one deal with the past in this moment, you might ask?

Begin by noticing how you feel, what you are dwelling on

What just woke up my past? For example, you might be watching the news and some segment they are showing reminds you of a childhood playground experience. All of a sudden, you start feeling the emotions that are connected to that past experience. It could be feelings of joy, anger, fear, etc. You might start thinking about a bully on the playground that had always picked on you. You might also recall how powerless you felt back then and how uncomfortable you were.

The past is woken up by the now

What’s really happening in that moment is, you are being given an opportunity to notice, recycle or clear out something that’s been stored within that you no longer need. The good news / bad news is that pretty much everything we’ve experienced in our life, is stored in our body, mind, and spirit. And when something happens in the now that is similar to experiences you’ve had in the past, it wakes up that thread of experiences.

Why am I over-reacting?

When this happens, you may feel overwhelmed by a rush of emotions and thoughts. You may begin reacting or overreacting in the moment because this backlog of information has just dropped into your field, into the room.

Process the pile

It’s rarely easy to manage or navigate through these emotions and mental states in a balanced manner. More likely, you feel like exploding with emotion or thoughts onto whoever is in the room with you. Ideally, when this happens, it’s best to take a personal time out and begin processing the pile within you that has just shown up.

We are all on a journey of self-transformation and self-healing whether we realize it or not.

What’s to blame?

But if we are in survival mode in our own life, we may not have the luxury to think, “what just happened and how can I change that?” Instead, we readily point fingers at our partners, our children and our co-workers, to blame them for causing strife in our life.

In reality, we are decades late in laying the blame. All roads lead back to mom and dad and how they raised us. Our parents had their own issues and limitations, and they unknowingly passed them all onto us.

Have you started sifting through your soul work yet?

I particularly like quoting Roselyn Bruyere’, a self-healing mentor that I studied with in numerous seminars, in Washington DC, in the 1990s. She always proclaimed that the job of the parents, was to sufficiently wound the children, so that they would have enough to work on in this lifetime.

When we realize this is true, then we can pat ourselves on the back for doing such a great job with our children, i.e., giving them enough to work on in their own self-healing journey in this lifetime.

What to do with our newly awakened past

So, coming back to the pile that we’ve woken up. As I navigated my own life history over the past several decades, I began developing a technique which helped me to release what I was feeling in the moment and literally lighten my load. Eventually, after a 25-year development period, I named this, ‘the Breathe in Light technique, BRIGHT.’

Breathing to activate your positive flow

In this simple BRIGHT technique, you breathe light into whatever you are feeling in the moment and then breathe out the specifics of what you’re feeling. Typically, breathing out each group of emotions or mental states three times before moving on to the next group. Read more information about the Breathe in Light technique here.

Time to Breathe in Light

  • Imagine breathing light into your fear, anxiety, worry
  • And then breathe out the light-filled fear, anxiety, worry

Repeat this 3 times

  • Breathe in light into your hatred, anger, hurt
  • Breathe out your hatred, anger, hurt with the light

Repeat this 3 times

  • Breathe in light into your sadness, grief, sorrow
  • Breathe out your sadness, grief, sorrow with the light

Repeat this 3 times

  • Breathe in light into your shock, trauma, stress
  • Breathe out your shock, trauma, stress with the light

Repeat this 3 times

BRIGHT  lightens your load

Usually, I begin to feel better after breathing out each individual group of emotions or mental states. After breathing out the first four BRIGHT  triads, I often feel a huge shift. Then I tune in, to see what is left, what needs to be transformed by the light and breathed out. Sometimes I will refer to the Breathe in Light PDF document and follow the suggestions listed there.

Transform your life, your relationships

I have personally transformed how I interact in my relationships from using the BRIGHT technique daily. By spending 5 minutes a day, choosing to breathe in light and breathe out your list of emotions and mental states, you too, can transform your life. This self-healing tool creates palpable differences in how you feel in the moment. You only have to try it once to feel the difference.

By making BRIGHT part of your regular self-care routine, you set in motion the transformation of your life history. Breathing light into your past, helps transform your memories into neutral events that no longer wake up and need addressing.

Getting comfortable within the present moment

Over time, after regularly using the Breathe in Light technique, you may find it easier to stay in the present moment and remain in observer mode. We benefit by staying in the now, observing instead of reacting, and pausing instead of getting activated.

How does BRIGHT keep your positive flow activated?

The BRIGHT technique helps me to stay in a peaceful and calm state, which helps me maintain a clear mind and balanced emotions. I have found my life to be more pleasant and enjoyable as I have lightened my load, no longer carrying around my past. I hold this possibility for you also, anyone can benefit from using this Breathe in Light technique, especially if you allow it to become second nature and your go-to ‘survival tool.’

how the poster child published the book restore your self

BRIGHT blessings on your journey

By breathing in Light and breathing out your past emotions and mental states, you activate your own positive flow. This flow of positivity grows each time you practice BRIGHT. 

To further explore the Bright technique in my book, click the following link:

Restore Your Self, Introducing the Breathe in Light technique, ‘Bright.’

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