Why Take a Reiki Class?

Are You Ready to awaken your Self-Healing abilities?

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why should I take a Reiki class?” Over the past 22 years, I’ve practiced Reiki on myself and others, and I’ve experienced amazing results. To help you decide whether you should take a Reiki class, ask yourself the following questions, all developed from my own experiences with Reiki. 

Are these the benefits you are looking for?

Would you like to be able to improve your well-being on your own? Would you like to energize yourself when you’re feeling depleted? Perhaps you’d like to help yourself get to sleep at night without sleep aids. Would you like to calm down indigestion or upset stomach without medication? Would you prefer to improve or speed up your own healing of injuries, bumps and bruises? What if you could cultivate calm and peace within, and quiet your anxiety and worry? These are just a few of the benefits that I have personally experienced over the past 22 years of practicing Reiki on myself.

If any of these results resonate, it may be time to consider a Reiki class.

receiving reiki while taking a reiki class

What’s your motivation to learn Reiki?

I was motivated to learn Reiki because I had a strong desire to heal myself. Many people who are interested to learn Reiki are usually motivated by a desire to help others heal. They are not thinking about how Reiki can help them; they are focusing on others. While this is an admirable motivation, we need to realize that our own self-healing must be the initial focus. Reiki is the ultimate self-healing modality; it helps us remember to practice self-care.

Reiki is the ultimate form of self-care

The outdated paradigm of focusing all our energy on other’s needs has made us forget about self-care. Our fast-paced, over-worked society readily demonstrates this imbalance. We pay an incredible price by forgetting to practice self-care on a regular basis.

A Reiki practitioner in every home

Doesn’t that sound like a good idea? Self-care is about establishing a beneficial routine that keeps your body, mind and spirit in balance. We’re aware that getting our daily dose of exercise, sunshine, fresh air,  water, rest, are important preventative health care practices. What we might not realize is that Reiki is one of the best supportive health tools out there. Bringing self-healing energy into your body daily, adds quite a boost to your self-care routines.

Are you ready to be the Reiki practitioner in your home?

Tapping the unlimited flow of healing energy

Doing Reiki on yourself is one of the easiest and most beneficial ways to do self-care and self-healing. Self-healing, by definition, begins with the self. By bringing Reiki healing energy into the self, we personally experience the benefits of it. We learn how Reiki feels in the body and how it soothes and calms us. Our personal experiences and results from Reiki can then be shared with others.

We’ve all heard the quote,

“Give a person a fish, you feed him for a day. 

Teach a person to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”


You may not have heard this one yet, but it’s just as true.

“Give a person a Reiki session, you fill them with self-healing Light for a day.

Teach a person how to do Reiki, you empower them for a lifetime.”

Empower yourself with Reiki

By learning how to do Reiki, you are not only empowering yourself and most likely, improving your well-being; you are also making your own self-care a priority. You are choosing to make yourself a priority. Every Reiki student I have taught has reveled in their newfound self-healing abilities. When someone is newly attuned to Reiki energy, they soon discover first-hand how helpful this energy is for any physical, mental, and emotional issues in their life. As the Reiki student gains experience and confidence with Reiki, they then begin to share these self-healing possibilities with others.

Already convinced that a Reiki class is what you need in your life right now? Great! 

Reiki for me, for babies, for teens, for elders

I have found Reiki to be the most efficient tool to use in the moment. I use it to reset my attitude, anxiety, anger, pain, etc. I have been known to get babies to take naps by giving them Reiki. I’ve also helped teenagers avoid getting sick by giving them Reiki daily. I helped ease my mother’s suffering from arthritis with Reiki treatments.

reiki on the dog

Reiki for animals

Reiki doesn’t only work for humans, but for all living/sentient beings. While most pets love Reiki, dogs tend to love unlimited amounts of it whereas cats will let you know when they’re done. Daily Reiki sessions on our visiting granddog helped her adjust to being away from her family. Whether you are treating yourself, other humans or animals, the Reiki will efficiently be drawn to the areas that need it most.

Sending distance Reiki is similar to sending prayers

Sending Reiki to someone who is not in the room with you, is similar to praying for someone. You are holding them in the Light and sending them self-healing energy. Their body, mind and spirit will receive this self-healing energy and will know how best to use it. I have found this to be very effective in different situations. My Reiki clients have also reported positive results from receiving distance Reiki.

Reiki before, during and after surgery

I have found Reiki to be incredibly useful when sent to Reiki clients before, during and after their surgery, to help cultivate their own self-healing abilities. As a result, I have heard many a testimonial from Reiki clients describing their doctor’s elation at how well they healed after surgery.

Reiki strengthens your intuitive connection

When I first learned Reiki, over twenty years ago, my mind was not free of chatter and I could not easily receive answers to my inner questions. Over the years, I have seen incredible growth and development of my own inner knowing, intuition, insights, and inner guidance due to my explorations with Reiki. My improved intuitive abilities have been extremely helpful in life and in Reiki sessions with my clients.

Reconnecting to that small voice within and trusting the intuitive nudges that we receive creates incredible self-healing opportunities. What I didn’t expect was for Reiki to help me quiet the chatter in my mind, help me ask questions of my soul and spirit, and allow me to receive my answers and guidance.

Reiki for everyone

Anyone can learn Reiki and everyone can benefit from learning Reiki. In life, we are continually bumping up against challenges, health issues, and the impact from past wounds. Reiki is the supportive health gift that you never knew you needed. Isn’t it time you gave yourself the self-healing tool of Reiki?

My Reiki classes are taught on an individual basis; with the benefit of a one-on-one setting, much self-healing abounds.

Are you ready to take a Reiki class

to add self-healing skills to your self-care?

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