Using a Space Clearing Technique to Manifest Joy and Bliss into your Summer Plans

Manifest your perfect beach vacation with this space clearing technique.

How to improve your summer vacation with visualization and a space clearing technique

Summertime is traditionally an opportunity to create moments to relax, rest and enjoy family. Perhaps you have plans for a get together or some sort of weekend getaway. Or maybe you’re just creating some quiet time for yourself away from the hustle and bustle of life, giving yourself a much-needed break. Regardless of your vacation plans, there are ways to improve everyone’s experience with just a little prep work. Incorporating visualizations and a space clearing technique ahead of time will make this your best vacation ever.

Summer vacation energetic prep work

By doing a little energetic prep work, you may improve your vacation experience. Begin imagining the best possible vacation that you desire. Combine this with all the good feelings you’d like to experience on that vacation. Now, you’ve just initiated a manifestation process to support that result. Manifestation work is a simple process. You simply envision the results you desire before they occur. Imagine the event, like a video, occurring in front of you. Then imagine the details that you desire into the visualization. Finally, you imagine specific mental and emotional qualities desired to accompany it. The visualization of the best possible vacation includes all the senses; with images, sounds, feelings, etc.

Manifesting your heart’s desires…for your vacation

For example, if one is imagining a beach trip with your family, it is beneficial to imagine everyone enjoying each other’s company.  Envisioning lots of laughter and shared times might be desired. You might also imagine yourself feeling peace,Enjoy the flowers on your perfect beach vacation after using this space clearing technique. enjoyment and cherishing the moment. Hold the visualization for your manifestation created in your mind’s eye. Imagine it with the accompanying emotions and mental states, then take that external visualization and imagine it coming into your body mind and spirit and into every cell in your body. Just like a hologram, this vision is now represented within every part of you. Each time you think of it, you wake up that possibility and add to the likelihood of it occurring just the way you envisioned it.

Put up your cosmic billboard and draw energy to it

When I work with my Reiki clients on manifestation, I always suggest that when we do this work, it is like putting up a billboard out in the Universe that says, “This is what I am choosing to create in my life.” That billboard message is then noticed by the Divine, the Great Beings of Light and the Angels, who then rise up to support whatever we are envisioning in our life. After initiating this process, whenever we think of it, we add more energy towards manifesting it. Each time we focus on our manifestation, the support of the universe surrounds it again.

Once you’ve created a visualization, focusing on it daily, weekly, or monthly is very beneficial. If I’m focusing on a beach trip that’s coming up in a couple weeks, then I’m going to focus on it at least every other day, until the trip takes place.

Once we commit to our ideals, then we receive support

A famous quote attributed to the German philosopher, Goethe, about being committed to something is a very supportive tool. Goethe states that, until we are committed to a specific outcome, the universe doesn’t know how to support us. However, once we commit, then all manner of support comes from the universe. This support comes in unexpected ways and in unexpected amounts. We become receptive to being blessed by all manner of support without limits. When doing manifestation work, it is imperative to focus only on positive results occurring. It is also important to let go of anything that is counter to the intention of the manifestation. When fears, worries or apprehensions arise; let them go.

Clean your vacation home energetically before, during and after with a space clearing technique

If you are going to be staying in a rental property, whether a motel, hotel, B&B, etc., it is vital to clear the energy before you arrive. Doing the prep work of clearing and cleansing the energy in any environment is incredibly beneficial. The simplest way to do that is to imagine that structure filled with and surrounded by Divine light on a regular basis. Incorporating a space clearing technique helps you to do this.

Why use a space clearing technique?

By clearing the energy in a space, we are resetting the energy. Any dark, stagnant, ungrounded, and non-beneficial energies are transformed and released. The cleared space is now filled with light. It’s amazing what a difference this makes.

We don’t realize how congested our physical spaces are on a mental and emotional level. They are filled with everybody’s left-over emotions and mental states daily. Where’s the Lysol for that? Turns out, Divine light is the perfect cleansing material. Simply combine Divine Light with your intention and this space clearing technique.

There’s a brilliant energy clearing technique that I use. It was adapted for my own use from a similar technique that I learned in the past. If you’re interested in trying it yourself, download this PDF I created.

Typically, I begin to clear the energy in the rental property weeks before I arrive. It’s helpful to continue doing it weekly until we get there. For example, the week that we are at the beach, I intend to clear the energy in the rental property daily while we’re there. Depending on the number of family members that will be sharing that space influences how often I use the space clearing technique. Everyone benefits when we keep the energy clear, moving and filled with higher frequencies.

Reap the many benefits of this space clearing technique; staying energized

Whenever I would go back home to visit my parents home, I recall feeling depleted and filled with stuck energy. As soon as I stepped into their 100-year-old house that I had grown up in, my energy level would quickly decrease. Upon learning this energy clearing technique, I began clearing the energy wherever I traveled with great results. After that, I found that I was able to keep my energy level high whenever I visited the family home.

I am sure you will immediately see and feel the benefits of energy clearing once you begin using it. Usually your pets and children will respond the quickest to a fresh, energetically cleared space. When my children were small, they would play more creatively and sing more after I had cleared the energy in the house.

Allow manifesting your desires and space clearing to become some of your new favorite life-care tools

When I travel, I clear the energy in every museum or ancient structure I visit. I especially use the space clearing technique before staying in any hotel room. Any car I ride in gets regular space clearing. Airports and airplanes that I travel with are always cleared with my space clearing technique. As a result, I am able to keep my energy higher and more available to me.

There you have it; these are my two biggest tips for having a joy and bliss-filled vacation.

1. Take advantage of the power of manifestation to create a beautiful vacation experience.

2. Clear the energy of any space you enter in order to keep everyone’s energy higher and happier.

If you try these tools I’d love to know your experience. Share a comment below about how your vacation went!

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