Let Mercury Retro Rescue You

Are you ready to save yourself? Mercury retro to the rescue

Embracing our shadow, allowing light to stream through

Do you ever feel like a victim to your own negative habits? Are you ready to save yourself? Let Mercury retro rescue you. Now is the perfect time to delve into self-healing your negative habits. Are you stuck in repeatedly over-reacting? Are you losing your temper and saying things that you don’t really mean in the heat of the moment? You may be waking up your shadow self.  This usually feels pretty uncomfortable for all parties involved. After arousing our shadow self, we usually wish we hadn’t gotten so upset and wish that we could stop repeating the negative pattern of overreacting.

Mercury retrograde periods are perfect for healing your shadow self

During Mercury retrograde (google this term and you will find countless links on the web, YouTube, instagram etc.), we tend to notice these events even more. They stand out, we can’t ignore them, we feel them even more intensely. This means that it is the perfect time to call on all the healing energies that are available during this time. It’s actually easier to get at the layers of your shadow that are ready to be healed. So in a sense, it is Mercury retro to the rescue. It’s also easier to do the self-healing work and to make effective changes in your limiting patterns.

My most favorite, productive time to work with shadow aspects is during Mercury retro

For me as a Reiki Practitioner, Mercury retro is one of my most favorite times of the year to work with clients, as it is so much easier to get at the wounded layers of the psyche and it’s also much easier to help them to transform it. For the same reasons, it is a great time for doing personal self-healing work on your own, to sit with our own wounded self, to transform it and to let it go.

It’s time to let Mercury retro rescue you

During a recent meditation, I received the insight that this particular Mercury retrograde (May 29-June 22), combined with the lunar eclipse on May 26th, offers each of us the opportunity to heal (a layer of) our victim mentality. This means that there is a rare window of Universal support helping us to step into our power and to let go of what no longer serves us.  While most of us don’t usually think of ourselves as victims, once we know what to look for, we begin to recognize this hidden part of ourself. Let Mercury retro rescue you from your victim mentality, help you to let go of what no longer serves you.

 Victim mentality can be healed with awareness

STEP ONE is to notice and acknowledge what’s up in our lives, what’s ready to be healed.

Years ago, it surprised me to recognize that deep within our subconscious, most of us actually do believe we are victims and powerless. It was not surprising that no one really wants to admit that they are victims. The funny thing is though, that until we own these parts of our shadow side, it is very difficult to heal them, to be rid of them. Our body, mind and spirit crave acknowledgement of its woundedness, of its past suffering, of the negative patterns that resulted. Once we receive this acknowledgement, it is a game changer, the switch is flipped, and we are now absolutely ready to heal it.

Self-healing takes time and a willingness to greet new layers, as they show up

It is also important to realize that each area of our shadow has many layers, which means we may find ourselves revisiting a theme again and again, in order to heal layer after layer after layer. This is not a failure, this is how self-healing works, we heal it bit by bit, we integrate what we’ve healed and learned and then we’re ready for the next piece.

Where is your victimhood hiding?

While our victim mentality is usually held within our deepest layers, once we are made aware of it, it becomes easier to notice it and bring self-healing to it. One way to notice whether you have a victim mentality is to look around in your life, especially at the parts of it that feel impossible to change. Even acknowledging your piles of clutter or gardens full of weeds give you opportunities to step into your power, one step at a time. Giving up on our self-healing or on transforming our wounded self, also gives us a glimpse of our victim mentality.

STEP TWO is to accept our self-healing ability to change the negative patterns we exhibit.

Another way to check if you are stuck in victimhood is to notice your attitude towards others. Do you find yourself feeling sorry for others or trying to save others? When we feel sorry for others, we see them as helpless and powerless. In order for us to view others as helpless and powerless, we must be coming from that place of helpless and powerlessness within us. This may seem confusing, but there is actually another option, one where we hold the space for people to rise above their powerlessness and helplessness; so that we see them with limitless potential and the ability to transform out of their victimhood. When we envision empowerment for people, it helps them to tap into that aspect and then we may come up with more powerful solutions to help them to transform their lives.

Attempting to save others may create more victims

In cases where we wish to save others, to save them from their pain and suffering, we are once again viewing from a victim mentality. When we see others as victims, as helpless and powerless and in need of saving, we are exhibiting our own victim side. There is an unfortunate lesson around saving others; it is not unusual for people who try to save others to end up becoming the victim. It happens over and over, especially around bodies of water (lakes, rivers, oceans). We’ve all heard stories of people trying to save a drowning victim and then they end up drowning instead of the victim. It’s a pretty tragic example of saving and victimhood. However, a very similar, but hopefully less tragic thing occurs in other areas of life; where saving someone backfires, miserably.

It’s not unusual to resist owning your victim side

Most of us have resistance to being told that we are victims or have a victim mentality. However, it may be an essential step in your own self-healing to accept these parts of your wounded self. As we learn to accept these shadow parts of ourselves, we typically experience more self-healing. An important step of our self-healing is to acknowledge our less-than-light parts of ourselves, so that those parts of our self will feel acknowledged and then be willing to transform, because they have been heard and acknowledged.  This is the perfect time to let Mercury retro rescue you.

Tread lightly, no need to immerse yourself

For a long time, our wounds have been stuffed aside, tucked away without being acknowledged. The opportunity is to dip into the shallow end of your shadow self, simply acknowledging those parts of yourself that aren’t perfect, aren’t nice, aren’t happy, giving them the acknowledgment they desire so they can be healed. By treading lightly, we need only glance to see what emotions and mental states are stuck in a particular event from the past. It is not usually necessary to relive past events; only to acknowledge what needs to be healed and released. It takes courage to heal the self, to tread lightly onto the path of self-healing, but once you begin that path, it is so rewarding that you can’t help but keep taking steps along it.

When I become aware of a part of myself that I am ashamed to admit is part of myself, then I know I have just bumped into another part of my shadow and that it is being revealed to me because it is ready to be healed right now. I never want to miss these opportunities, so I focus on them and ask for all manner of healing to occur.

The key is to objectively identify what is ready to be healed

STEP THREE is to identify the parts of this issue in my shadow self.

I am angry. I am overreactive. I say things out of spite or anger that I regret later. I hurt myself and others with my verbal attacks.

Then I breathe for a little while and feel those statements rippling through me. I might wonder how old this pattern is. How and when did I pick up this pattern? Unfortunately, all roads lead to early childhood where our parents were our main influence in our lives, as well as their negative patterns.

Our parents were only human, and they did the best they could, but they obviously weren’t perfect either. So, when my father used to berate himself and call himself stupid and an idiot when he injured himself with a power tool, that taught me as a young five or six-year-old that when we make mistakes, we need to berate and punish ourselves for being imperfect.

Asking for Divine help to heal, facilitates the self-healing

Regardless of where a particular pattern came from, once we really notice it, once we feel uncomfortable after it’s occurred, once we wish we could change it and not repeat it, it is time to heal it. It is ripe for the picking, ripe for the self-healing. So, once I have identified my shadow side by describing it verbally or by writing it down, then I’m ready for the next step.

STEP FOUR is to use healing affirmations to ask for Divine help;

I ask the Universe, the Divine, God and Jesus, for all manner of healing energy to help me to transform this part of my shadow side.

I write affirmations in present tense, gratitude terms and I repeat these affirmations over and over.


I am grateful for all manner of healing to help me transform this pattern forever. 

I am grateful for divine help in healing this negative pattern forever. 

I am grateful to release my victim mentality forever and I embrace my powerful and confident self. 


Breathing in light and breathing out the old stuck emotions and mental states empowers your self-healing

STEP FIVE is to Breathe in Light to transform your victim mentality. 

Breathe in light, breathe out helpless, powerless, victim (3 times)

Breathe in light, breathe out fear, anxiety, worry (3 times)

Breathe in light, breathe out disappointment, regret, guilt (3 times)

Breathing in Light is a powerful process and you will find more info on this technique here. You may choose your own wording of your thoughts and emotions to breathe out. Repeating this process daily is highly beneficial.

Self-healing is a natural, daily practice

Life is full of ups and downs, for everyone. Like the ocean, there will always be waves to bump against, waves that knock us over and occasional periods of smooth sailing. We are in a constant state of maintaining balance and finding the right healing tools to make this easier is key. Ignoring problems usually increases suffering, while accepting issues as they arise and employing self-healing tools lightens our load. Mercury retro actually empowers our self-healing abilities as we shine light onto the roots of our issues. Take advantage  of this Mercury retro period and begin adding new self-care daily practices into your life. Let Mercury retro rescue you.

1~notice and acknowledge what’s up

2~accept our self-healing ability

3~identify the parts of this issue

4~use healing affirmations to ask for Divine help

5~Breathe in Light to transform

What self-care habits are you ready to incorporate today?

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