The Advantages of Taking a Reiki Class

Why take a Reiki class?

Most people begin their encounter with Reiki by receiving regular Reiki sessions from an experienced Reiki practitioner. It is not unusual, once you have received a few sessions and have experienced positive results that you decide you would like to learn more about reiki classes. The advantages of taking a Reiki class include; being able to do Reiki on yourself and others, having self-healing tools at your disposal for emergencies, for times of stress and for any upset that may occur.

Reiki fell into my lap

Back in 1998, I was trained in and offered a different type of self-healing work to my clients and someone approached me about trading self-healing services. This person offered me her Reiki sessions in exchange for my Holographic Repatterning sessions. After receiving Reiki from her several times a month, for about a year, I became convinced that I needed to learn how to do Reiki myself. The person who had originally shared Reiki with me became my first Reiki Master teacher and taught me Reiki level one. Two months later, I arranged with a second Reiki Master teacher to learn Reiki level two. Several months later, I received the Reiki Master teacher training from yet a third Reiki Master teacher. I became highly motivated to take as many reiki classes as were available because I witnessed how helpful this healing energy was for me and my family.

Grateful to be a Reiki teacher

It is a little humorous to me, to realize years later, that originally, I had never had any intention of teaching Reiki to others. My entire focus had been to learn all the Reiki levels so that I’d have the highest amount of healing energy available to do Reiki on myself and on my family. I’ve always used this example for my Reiki students, informing them that, “Once they step onto the Reiki path, unexpected positive outcomes may occur.” I tell them to “let the buyer beware.”

Should I take a Reiki level one and two class?

  • If you desire to receive an amazing healing energy from the Universe, from Source, anytime you need it, for yourself and others, then you may choose to learn Reiki.
  • If you are just beginning to learn about self-healing and realize that you do have the ability to enhance your own self-healing abilities with Reiki, then you might be ready to take a Reiki class.
  • If you are dealing with a chronic condition and are frustrated with low energy or achiness, you might really benefit by being able to do self-Reiki sessions on yourself every day.
  • If you prefer to take charge of your own self-healing without having to go on a regular basis to a Reiki practitioner, then Reiki classes are right for you.
  • Reiki classes are very convenient to take right now because they are all offered online via Zoom, which means you don’t have to travel to take the class.

I have to say that pretty much all of the above suggestions are reasons why I’m grateful that I took Reiki classes.

Becoming a Reiki teacher

Once you have taken the Reiki Master teacher training, you will be able to teach all three levels of Reiki to others. Teaching Reiki is one of the most rewarding things I do in life, being able to help people learn how to pass Reiki on to others, is the gift that keeps on giving. Every time I teach a class, there is so much healing energy generated in those three days, that I am literally ‘high on life’ for days. I receive so much healing energy every time I teach and that is just one of the wonderful benefits of being a Reiki teacher.

Looking forward to sharing the Reiki path with you.

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