Light Heals our Divisions

Why bother to call in Light? – part two

light heals our divisions

Light heals our divisions

Our world is very divided in many ways

Generally, human beings are full of many differing beliefs, viewpoints, and perceptions. In addition to this, there is an overriding belief that there is only one correct way to do anything. Such beliefs promote divisive thinking. For this reason, we begin to distrust others who don’t share our opinions and beliefs.

Unfortunately, these differences tend to create darkness between us

instead of Light amongst us.

Choose to work with Light and allow Light to heal your divisions.

Calling in the Light aids in the self-healing our divisions.

Light heals our separateness

By viewing everything through a polarized lens, we amplify the sense of separateness. Explicitly, we envision living in a black and white world and in a red and blue country. The reality is, that we are ignoring the continuum, the gray area between us. Importantly, the co-mingling of beliefs, thoughts, and perceptions occur in these gray areas.

To clarify, this is where we develop empathy and compassion

for one another’s experiences.

It’s also where the Light gets in.

Light restores our flexibility

When you have decided to hate, blame or attack someone, it is almost impossible to feel empathy for them. In such a case, you have painted you and them into opposite corners. Therefore, our existence is defined by extremes and our viewpoint becomes limited. As a result, we lose our ability to remain flexible in the presence of others who are not exactly like us.

Amazingly, simply breathing into your heart center and

asking to receive Divine light begins to restore flexibility.

Childhood fears await self-healing with Light

One might wonder, why continue to see everything around us as either black or white, right or wrong, true or false? Why remain in such an extreme position throughout your life? What is holding you there? Most likely, it is due to the prevalence of unhealed childhood wounds.

For example, when being raised by an alcoholic, unpredictable, or emotionally unavailable parent, life feels out of control. To compensate for this, extreme effort may be put into controlling your adult life. As a consequence, you may stay stuck trying to control everything and everyone.

In essence, a false sense of safety and security develops as long as you can control your life. However, when something or someone disrupts your ability to control everything; anxiety and anger take over. Behind this, in the shadows, lie the repressed fears of childhood.

They have been tucked away,  awaiting notice and the realization that self-healing is possible.

It takes energy to stay stuck

You might not realize how much energy it takes to stay stuck. While this seems counter intuitive, it takes energy to thwart all the new possibilities and ideas that are constantly bombarding us. Significantly, the energy behind our anger enables us to defy anything that feels disruptive, threatening our sense of control.

So, how does bringing in the Light impact this?

Calling in the Light sets self-healing into motion which helps Light heal our separateness.

Light creates movement

Light is a form of energy, and it has the ability to create movement in your life.  To begin, the term lighten up, literally means to lift your spirits up and let go of what’s troubling you. Similarly, to become enlightened, is to become informed and educated about something, which then has the effect of expanding your mind. And finally, to be delighted is a positive experience filled with joy and satisfaction.

To summarize, our language shows us again and again the positive benefits of being in the Light. Light is energizing, creates movement, and promotes growth and expansion.

Calling in the Light aids in self-healing our rigidity, promotes flexibility.

Experience self-healing with Light

Are you ready to experience calling Light into your life and perhaps receive more joy and creativity as a result?

“I invite Divine Light into my life. I call Divine Light into my cells, tissues, and organs.”

I invite you to set aside your inner and outer skeptic and try inviting Divine Light repeatedly into your life. Pay attention to what you notice and how you feel during the day.

Allow Divine Light to ripple out into your life, into your week, and beyond.

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