I Always Find What I Lose

Seek and you shall find

life reflects what you believe

There are certain objects in life that you are not supposed to lose track of

Your safety deposit box key is one of them. It’s a major adulthood fail if you lose it. I’m hoping this round is my last near-brush with this particular debacle.

Believing is everything

“I am so lucky,” and as long as I keep believing this, it keeps coming true. “I always find whatever I lose,” is my mantra whenever I lose something.

St Anthony, St Anthony,

please come around,

what was once lost,

let it now be found.

St Anthony always comes through and helps me find my lost objects

On top of that, I know that the angels are also helping me in the search. In most cases, I receive little intuitive nudges to look in certain areas or to clean up a particular corner and then I find what was lost. Occasionally, I’ll imagine seeing the missing object in a pocket or in my car and after searching there, I find it.

Heavenly blue morning glory reminds us to ask for divine helpHave faith and start looking

As soon as I realized that I was going to need my safety deposit key in order to move some things around, I realized that I hadn’t seen that pink lanyard key chain for a long time. The search began in earnest and even though I knew exactly what I was looking for, I could not find it. After tearing apart my car’s insides three or four times looking for it, digging through every drawer in the house several times, I was getting super frustrated.

Be patient, miracles take time

Typically, this whole ‘finding’ process doesn’t usually take more than a couple of days. Apparently, I always need to sleep on it for a couple nights before lost object will reveal itself. So that’s what happened today, when on the third day of searching for my safety deposit box key, it finally appeared. Success only came after I dug once again, through the baskets of winter and garden gloves and face masks and then finally dug a little deeper into that shelf corner. Lo and behold, under the book stack lay the pink lanyard, safety deposit key attached.

Schooled by the old-schooled

Next, we drive to the bank, to retrieve two shoe boxes worth of mementos out of our safety deposit box. The eldest employee of the bank, who I have literally been greeted by for the past 35 years, was, as expected, at the front desk. As per her usual, she is dressed to the nines, with every inch of her matching the current day’s palette.

After the manager directed her to assist us, I gave her the spelling of my last name to look up in the files. As it seemed to be taking her a while, I re-spelled my name out loud for her again. Immediately, she pulled out my file card. After laying the check-out card down in front of me on the desk, she said,

I don’t know why I couldn’t tell that that was your name, by your signature.”

She was basically giving me a snarky / polite comment that my last name signature was unreadable. She then went off on a tangent saying something about young people these days… I immediately piped up that, “I’d signed my last name, exactly the way my dad had signed his last name.”

Meaning that, it’s not a new invention to run letters into squiggles.

Compassion for the old way of being

It was almost refreshing to be around someone who had no qualms calling a spade a spade and letting her judgment roll out on top of me. It was also refreshing for me to be able to see the humor in it. That old school part of her could not resist telling me the right way to do something peppered with a good dose of criticism.

Temporary non-truth

After we took our box to a private room and unloaded our belongings from the box, we then brought the box back to the woman to put away. As she slid the long box back into its slot in the wall, locked it into place with her key and my key simultaneously turning, she looks at me and says,

“and of course, you have the other key, right?”

I don’t skip a beat and say, “Of course.”

True, at that moment I had no idea where the spare key to my safety deposit box was. However,

“I am lucky”

“I always find what I have lost”

“The angels always help me find whatever I lost”

It took me less than a 30 minutes to find that missing key, tucked away in a box, on a shelf, inside its official, tiny, bright, red envelope with the shiny, silver snap.always find what you lose

I am lucky.

I know the angels love to help me find lost objects.

I know the angels have my back.

I am grateful.

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