Why Bother to Bring in Divine Light?

Part One

Divine Light over Longs Peak

Divine Light is here to stay

Why bother to bring in Divine Light?

Before answering this, you might wonder how does one bring in Divine Light? And, ‘where does Divine Light come from?’ Divine Light, by its very nature, is coming from God, the universe, creator, etc. Consequently, it is the highest form of pure love and Light. This is why I bother to bring in Divine Light.

Divine Light is simple to call in and you may have been doing this your entire life. Therefore, every time you pray, you are surrounded by Divine Light. Whenever you ask the universe for help, you are filled with Divine Light. In addition, asking Divine Light to surround someone that you are praying for, brings this Light to both you and them.

So now, why bother to bring in Divine light?

The first step towards receiving Divine help

Is calling in Divine Light

Calling in Divine Light is the first step towards receiving Divine help and self-healing into your life. Unfortunately, people miss this opportunity to call in Light due to a lack of understanding. Above all, calling in Divine Light (or pure love and Light) promotes self-healing. Furthermore, Divine Light is one of the most healing frequencies you can work with. Consequently, it has the potential to ease your suffering; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Perhaps you have felt uplifted (by Divine Light) after being part of a spiritual experience, whether it be in church or in some other ceremony. Amazingly, this uplifted feeling (from Divine Light) is always available to you. In effect, you receive Divine Light whenever you ask for it.

“I ask to receive Divine Light.” “I asked to be filled with Divine Light.”

I’ve personally noticed my life feeling easier, the more I work with Divine Light.

Praying is calling in Divine Light

Divine Light strengthens your intuition

Most of us are familiar with praying for Divine help. Currently, you might only remember to connect to the Divine when you are in a church setting. Perhaps it’s time to realize you can connect directly to the Divine anytime. In effect, you can always ask for Divine help from the Angels, Archangels, Saints, and even from spiritual leaders from the past.

As you develop your relationship with these different aspects of divinity, in the presence of Divine Light, your intuition naturally strengthens. As a result, your ability to intuitively discern what help and answers you are receiving, becomes clearer.

That is why I bother to bring in the Light.

What do you believe?

Feeling is believing

As a recovering skeptic of all things I can’t see or feel, I am a scientist, needing to explore and experience some thing before I believe in it. Perhaps you have a similar side to yourself. That being said, I’m happy to learn from someone else’s mistakes and gains. I think we all have that in common.

For example, when someone you trust, tells you how to make more money on the stock market, then you’re likely going to follow that advice. Similarly, if somebody you know gets a ticket for speeding through town, you’re going to make sure to slow down.

On that note, I’m offering my decades of self-healing experience working with Divine Light to you. Allow me to shine the light on how to benefit from bringing more Divine Light into your life.

Bringing in Divine Light benefits us all.

Isn’t it time for you to explore bringing Divine Light into your life? Are you ready to test the waters? Perhaps you will begin each day by asking to receive Divine Light.

You may start to notice your life lightening up.

Part two explains ‘the why.’

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