T.A.M.E. Your Inner Opponent

How to Transform– Acknowledge your inner Mystery and Expand

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How to tame your inner opponent

The voice within us has been given a negative connotation over the years. Sometimes called the inner critic, it has gotten a bad rap and has been mislabeled. You might even call it your ego, your naysayer, your dark side, your reality check, your negative Nelly, etc.

However, this is how we sabotage ourselves, by believing the inner voice instead of looking deeper. When we label it as something negative, we will never learn what our inner voice is trying to teach us. Learn how to tame your inner opponent by looking for the message behind it.

Is this part of ourselves really something to oppose, something that’s trying to destroy us, or even something that is evil? The most self-sabotaging thing we can do is to miss the message behind this inner voice.

What if this inner voice was a cry for help and transformation?

What if this challenging voice is only asking to be heard so that it could help you transform? And, what if this part of yourself is able to be healed and to become beneficial to us?

We have been taught to avoid negativity

We tend to run in the opposite direction when faced with negativity. Some of us are experts at conflict avoidance, which treads precariously close to the land of denial. If you are like most of us, who have tried all sorts of techniques to shut down that inner critic, you might be ready for a new possibility. You might be ready to tame your inner opponent.

T.A.M.E. defined…

Transform by Acknowledging your Mystery and Expand

T.A.M.E. is an acronym for the technique which will tame your inner opponent in order to heal your life wounds. It’s a simple technique that lends itself to be easily incorporated into your daily routine. Once the T.A.M.E. technique becomes second nature to you, it will be treasured as your ‘go-to’ tool for self-transformation. It might be hard to believe right now, but your inner challenger could soon become your new best friend.

The golden opportunity that awaits you in this technique is to realize that the ball is in your court. The self-healing ball is in your court and ready to be played at any time.

Most of us don’t realize how transformation works

In order to tame your inner opponent, we must re-learn how to transform an issue, whether it is in your physical, mental, or emotional body. The first step to transform an issue is to acknowledge it. By acknowledging, accepting, and embracing it, we allow our issue the space to exist, to be recognized, perhaps even understood. Even wallowing in it a moment, helps that part of yourself to feel heard. Once heard, then it is ready to be transformed and released.

Denial keeps us stuck, acceptance is key

As long as we deny, avoid or discount our issue, it remains entrenched in our psyche. So, to begin transforming your relationship with your inner challenger, you must allow it to exist. You must allow the message it is bringing you to be brought through. The first step in the T.A.M.E process is to acknowledge.

For example, acknowledge that inner voice that says, “you can’t do this, you always fail.”

We are all mysterious beings of light

Our life experiences create life wounds which dim our inner Light and cause us to forget our Divine nature. These life wounds become hidden in a mysterious tangle within us. We trip over these tangled wounds daily, resulting in mysterious emotional outbursts, meltdowns or disconnection.

It’s time to find our own answers about our own mystery. Access to our inner knowing and intuition needs to be re-established. The key to solving these mysteries is re-learning how to listen, ask for inner guidance and trust what you receive or know.

Mysteries reveal what’s waiting behind the curtain

The mystery which lies behind each statement our inner challenger makes will reveal what’s waiting to be healed.

I think the most common statement we hear from our inner challenger is, “You can’t do that.” You might also hear something like, “There’s no way you’re going to be able to pull this off.” “You are crazy if you think you can accomplish this.” “This is going to take too much effort.” “You aren’t (smart) enough to pull this off.” “You don’t have enough resources to make this happen.” “You can’t get away with this.” “Aren’t you worried about what other people think?”

What does your inner critic say?

These are all variations on, “You can’t do that.” Which basically boils down to an inner belief of, ‘I can’t.” Sometimes it’s unnecessary to complete this sentence. “I can’t,” is a complete sentence.

It could also be, “I can’t have what I want.” “I can’t make that happen.” “I can’t get my needs met.” The list goes on and on. You’re probably already squirming in your seat as you read through all this. I haven’t met a human yet that doesn’t resonate with most of this.

Solve the mystery by asking questions

Solving the mystery behind each inner negative thought begins by asking the question, “Where did this come from?” In most cases the answer is usually the same. All roads lead to our first caregivers. And then the roads lead beyond them; to our grandparents, great grandparents, etc.

Forgive them for they know not what they do

The reality is, that even though our parents did the best they could in raising us, they also had their own inner pile of congestion interfering with them. As a result, their inner demons likely became our inner demons, their inner critic became our inner critic. And if you want a glimpse of the true reality, all this has been handed down for generations.

Happy to share the issues

For some reason, I am always buoyed by the fact that my own failings are not just my own and have been handed down, carefully, for generations. It seems to feel a lot worse when I believe that my failings are completely and utterly my own fault.

Once I share the heavy burden with my ancestry, sort of spreading the blame or sharing the misery, I somehow feel better. And miraculously, this is where the healing comes in.

Intend to transform completely

We follow this awareness with the intention to transform it completely. We invoke Divine Light to help us transform this inherited congestion.

Call in Divine Light

We begin the self-healing by calling in Divine light to bless all aspects of the issue. It may be necessary to acknowledge the lineage of suffering that this issue came from. When we ask the Divine, the Universe, to shower Light upon the entire stream of suffering connected to past generations, it occurs.

By using intention, reverence and imagination, we bless our ancestors with Divine healing energy.

Re-learning how to self-heal

What has gotten lost along the way, and perhaps buried deep within us, is our ability to let this all go. Instead of feeling free in the flow of life, we have become encumbered with unresolved emotions, heavy mental states and limiting beliefs. Our inner challenger is voicing the results of this congestion. The moment to begin to tame your inner opponent is now.

Breathe in Divine Light, breathe out the layers

We then breathe in Divine Light and breathe out the mental-emotional layers connected to it. Breathing light into the emotions and mental states connected to the issue, helps them to release. Breathing light into the limiting belief, “I can’t” and breathing out the light filled “I can’t” continues the self-healing process.

This powerful Breathe in Light technique will help you transform and release layer after layer of negative beliefs, unresolved emotions and mental states. Daily use will transform your life, bring clarity and reconnection to your intuition and help you understand the mystery that you are.

Transform, Release and Expand

Can you imagine how it feels when you breathe Divine Light into your inner congestion, transforming it and releasing it? It’s quite invigorating and calming at the same time. When we replace darkness and congestion with Light, it has an expansive effect upon us. We are finally able to expand and stretch.

Every time I work intentionally with Divine Light I feel expanded. The most beneficial aspect of transforming yourself is how you feel after doing that. Light calms and relaxes my entire body, mind and spirit. I am no longer tense, tightly wound, or compressed.

As I relax into this light-filled self-healing moment, my heart expands and I feel at peace.

Part 2 will be the T.A.M.E. guided visualization.

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