Light Transforms the Shadow

Self-healing Guided Visualization for Transformation

light transforms the shadow

This particular guided visualization ushers in the possibility to transform and release parts of yourself that create discomfort within you. Parts of yourself that arise occasionally or often, such as judgment, anger, fear, shame, hatred, etc.  While most people have these shadow sides to their personality, we may not realize that there are ways to self-heal them. Light transforms the shadow. 

By acknowledging what lies within us, we begin the self-transformative process. We bring Light into these layers combined with an intention to heal. We invite Divine helpers to assist us on our healing journey. Layer after layer of the shadow self is transformed into Light. We begin experiencing positive emotions more frequently, as a result. The introduction to this self-healing concept is found here in my blog.

To begin: Ground to the Earth

  • Close your eyes and take a few slow deep breaths.
  • Imagine breathing up to your heart, lungs, head and then exhaling down through the body, from your shoulders to your hips, to your knees, to your feet, and down to the earth.
  • Imagine inhaling the earth energy back up through your body with your breath, filling your entire body with earth frequencies.
  • Exhale back down the body to the earth.
  • Then inhale again, breathing more earth energy back up into your body.
  • Repeat this Earth energy breathing process a couple more times.

Next: Invite in Divine Light and Love, with your inner voice, your thoughts

  • I invite pure Light and Love into my body, from the highest heavens and realms.
  • I imagine beams of golden white Light streaming into my head and body.
  • I open, open, open to receive these highest frequencies of pure Light and Love.
  • I breathe this pure Light and Love into every aspect of me.
  • I imagine my body, mind and spirit being filled with pure Light and Love.
  • I imagine all my cells, tissues, and organs being filled with pure Light and Love.

Now:  Invite in the Divine Helpers that you resonate with, using your inner voice, your thoughts

  • I invite the highest illumined beings to join me in this healing session and to help bring healing to this issue, into my past and my present.
  • I am grateful for the presence of Divine helpers (God, Jesus, the angels, and archangels of healing and Light).
  • I welcome all their blessings, guidance, and healing energies to support me as I focus on healing this issue.

Identify the focus for this self-healing session––by reviewing your recent interactions and responses to life, relationships… write down your thoughts as you receive them

  • Ask yourself, “What emotion or mental state have I been stuck in or exhibiting lately?”
  • Trust whatever answers/thoughts you receive.
  • Ask, “What emotion or mental state lies beneath these outbursts or over-reactions?”
  • “Do I feel hurt, judged, betrayed, helpless, etc.?”
  • Define the issue: For example, “I choose to heal my inner shame caused by being judged as being bad and wrong during my childhood.”

Bring your focus to the intentions for your self-healing session.

  • I intend to bring self-healing to my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.
  • I am ready and willing to heal the current layer of this issue now and forever.
  • I open all parts of myself to receive healing pure Light and Love.
  • I open all parts of myself to receive self-healing Light blessings.
  • I open my timeline, my life history to receive self-healing pure Light and Love.
  • I especially direct healing Light to the parts of my childhood where I have little memory.
  • I intend that whatever is ready to be released today is being transformed into Light by the Light.

Light transforms the shadow

Begin the Release: Breathe in Light, breathe out what no longer serves you

So, think this as you do the following:

  • I now focus on breathing in Light and breathing out any mental or emotional states that are connected to this issue.

The first four triads of transformation (the generic four)

  • Breathe in Light and breathe out Shock, Trauma, stress. Repeat this three times.
  • Breathe in Light and breathe out fear, anxiety, worry. Repeat this three times.
  • Breathe in Light and breathe out hatred, angry anger, hurt. Repeat this three times.
  • Breathe in Light and breathe out sadness, grief, sorrow. Repeat this three times.

Explore what’s left to let go of– and write down what answers you receive

  • There may be other things that you had experienced or felt connected to this issue.
  • Take a moment to ask yourself, “What else do I feel/think about this issue?”
  • Take this time now to breathe in Light and breathe them out.
  • It may be helpful to breathe in Light and breathe out helpless, powerless, victim. Repeat this three times.
  • It also might be helpful to breathe in Light and breathe out confusion, doubt, and distrust. Repeat this three times.
  • It might be helpful to breathe in Light and breathe out judgment, blame, and resentment. Repeat this three times.

Check in with yourself

  • Check in with yourself and see how you feel.
  • You might feel lighter, you might feel calm and relaxed, and you might feel heard.
  • It’s also just as likely that you might still feel tense, restless, or stirred up.
  • This is a good time to ask, what more do I need to let go of?

Sometimes it is difficult to forgive people who caused us pain.

Then I remember, “Forgive them for they know not what they do.”

As a result, I am very willing to forgive people that unknowingly hurt me.

Breathe in positive frequencies (when we intend to do this, it occurs)

  • Breathe the highest frequencies of forgiveness in with the Light,
  • breathe forgiveness out with the Light. Repeat this three times.

Check in with yourself again and see if you feel even more relaxed or calmer.

  • You might ask yourself, “Is there more to acknowledge or to let go of?”
  • Trust whatever comes.

Allow your inner voice a chance to be heard in the silence of your self-healing quest.

Giving gratitude and closure

  • I am grateful, open and blessed to have received this self-healing.
  • I am grateful for all the healing pure Love and Light.
  • I am grateful for all the Divine beings who aided during this self-healing session.

Self-healing which is blessed by pure Love and Light tends to ripple out from us, into our families, our friends, our communities, the world.

This guided visualization can be adapted to any issue a person is experiencing. Most of our current issues began in childhood. We benefit from directing our self-healing to the underlying causes of our current issues.

While this visualization was originally crafted to address shame and its underlying cause of judgment, it can be applied to any emotions or mental states. The childhood belief, “I am not enough,” is another useful focus for this self-healing technique.

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