The Shamanic Meaning of Shattering Glass

shamanic meaning of shattered glassWhat is shattering all about?

Shattering has a wide range of applications; there are physical substances which shatter, events which have shattering effects, and times where we feel shattered mentally and emotionally. In general, shattering is a breaking apart, a form of destruction, a transformation from one state to another.

I am a big fan of shattering, in a Shamanic sense

Years ago, I learned that when something made from glass shatters in your life, it may represent something else that is shattering around you. It bodes or signals a time of change and transformation in your life. Something is shattering, being broken down, released, and transformed.

Your death and rebirth moment

It could also be viewed as a shamanic death and rebirth, where some old way of being is dying and a new way is arising within you. It may signal a time where you need to let go of unhealthy habits or negative patterns or in your life.

There have been numerous notable glass shatterings in my life

The first one that caught my attention was witnessing the tempered glass refrigerator shelf shatter in my kitchen sink while I rinsed it off. Instantly, hundreds of tiny perfect cubes of glass appeared in my sink after I barely bumped the shelf against it. I don’t recall what was going on in my life at the time, but my intuition quickly directed me to understand that what had just happened was a shamanic event. These types of events are teaching moments and learning opportunities, but not in the way one might think. In my gut, at the time, I knew that this impressive shattering had to mean something. It was actually helping me to witness or acknowledge the shattering of an old way of being that no longer fit me.

Relish the shattering

Ever since that first shattering experience, I have relished the arrival of yet another life transformation being marked by glass shattering. To me, it has consistently highlighted moments in my life where I am transforming myself and moving along life’s journey.

Today was shattering

Unexpectedly, we experienced an impressive shattering event today. It’s interesting that the shattering occurred at my husband’s hands, so the shamanic meaning applies to both he and I. The 10-year-old glass deck tabletop must have reached its expiration date today. It’s interesting that he was in the process of moving it after having rinsed it off.

It also seems significant that the shattered glass landed into the grass of the seven-circuit labyrinth located in our side yard. We spent the next hour raking, shop vacuuming and hand-picking glass out of the grass. And I am sure that we did not get it all. My only hope is that we got the biggest shards out. What I used to call our barefoot labyrinth will now be requiring shoes.

Significant times lining up

Today, May 11th is an ‘11’ Master day, which numerologically is a very powerful day. We are also in eclipse season and our second eclipse is a couple days from now, the full moon lunar eclipse on May 15th-16th. For those in the know, these are energetically rich times. Potent events are possible and should be expected.

Acknowledge transitions

Today’s shattering is acknowledging transitions for both of us. None of this is lost on me, it is all significant. I know I am in a big transition as I am studying new healing techniques with Archangel Metatron and I am embracing my exploration of watercolor painting again. The creative juices are flowing. Michael is getting ready to walk 200 miles of the Camino in Spain. It’s a spiritual pilgrimage for him and was pretty life changing when he walked 500 miles of it several years ago.

Embrace the opportunity

I embrace yet another shattering moment in my life and all it has to teach us. This current personal layer seems to be deeper learnings on how to love and accept myself even more. Then I will be able to love and accept others more. I am continually learning how to have more compassion for myself and others.

It’s a journey

It’s an ongoing journey and there are always more layers. There is always another mystery to be explored, to be processed through, to be learned from and to grow from. I embrace another opportunity to grow even closer to the Light and to be filled even more with pure Light and Love. I release what no longer serves me. I am grateful to shatter old ways of being and open the door to higher frequencies on my life’s journey.

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