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My old friends are still here….

Time was spent happily with the perennial beds this weekend; weeding interspersed itself amoung the other things on the 'to-do' list. It was five-minute bursts of weed-pulling out in the beautiful spring weather,getting plenty of dirt under…
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Are you smiling on the inside?

I have this internal knowing that is very clear the moment I open my eyes in the morning and realize a new day has begun. In an instant, I know if my energy is high or low, humming or depleted. Today, I woke up somewhere in the middle; not…
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knock, knock, who’s there?

We are all searching for answers, searching for soulmates, searching for happiness...How will we ever know which path to take, which door to open? Step one, I call off the search . Then I start knocking. The initial door to knock on is your…
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Birth of a Blog

I stand on the precipice of the unknown, this time consciously. Consciously incompetent, knowing now what it is that I don't know about; the land of the blogger. I take this leap of faith, content to be moving forward, moving at all, moving…


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