The Irrational Grip of Jealousy

I suffer from jealousy on an irregular basis. It always astonishes me when I find myself in its grips. I don’t go seeking situations to be jealous of, I just get activated into jealousy by the most random events. When I speak of jealousy, I’m not speaking of jealousy between men and women or between […]

Painting the Walls, Changing the View

Last Autumn, I ended up having a lot of time alone and a lot of time to do projects on my own. During that time, my husband was undertaking a six-week walking pilgrimage on the El Camino de Santiago where he walked 500 miles. I looked forward to the time alone and to re-organizing parts […]

Flowers; perrenial gifts

Perennial Flowers are the gift that keeps giving; long after the friends who gifted these flowers have forgotten who you truly are   My flowers are dear friends Who spend time with me year after year Sharing our natures, Dependable, growth, Filled with beauty, light and wonder. Free of the past, always living in the […]

Time to Make Friends With Mom and Dad

I was the only one of my four siblings who went away to college and I only went 30 miles away from home to a small liberal Arts college. I lived in the dorms for 2 1/2 years and then I studied abroad for a semester in Copenhagen, Denmark. While I lived with a Danish […]