How do you get rejuvenation into your life?

As a Reiki practitioner I am very interested in rejuvenation. I know how it feels to be rejuvenated, restored and renewed. I am also keenly aware of how it feels to be exhausted, worn out and depleted. Many of us learn to live with a constant state of exhaustion or a low level of energy. […]

The Gift and Blessing from Mary

I’m a believer; it’s true, I have already drank the kool-aid in the realm of Spirituality and still I am humbled and awed by the healing I received within the “Mary House” in a recent visit to Turkey.  I have been experiencing the amazing realm of our Spiritual nature for decades now and have learned […]


Dear friend, Wow, you and your family have had so much to process recently. I ask for a continual blessing of Divine Love and Light to all who have been affected by these losses, especially for those who have crossed over and their immediate family. While it is comforting to know your Aunt is no […]