Angels, Can You Hear Me?

Meet your Spirit Helpers

Angels can you hear mewatercolor by Susan Grace Wisniewski

Angels, can you hear me?

Have you ever thought about how much Divine help you receive daily? If your answer is no, you are not alone. Surprisingly, most of us don’t realize how connected to Spirit we really are. Therefore, I would like to help you understand a little bit more about your connection to the Divine and how easy it is to access that.

You will soon realize that your angels can hear you.

Divine? Spirit? Angels?

Firstly, it may be useful to define the term, Divine. Within the context of this writing, I am referring to beings from the spiritual realm such as, God, Spirit, angels, archangels, Saints, ascended masters, etc.

Equally important to understand, is that you are free to choose which aspects of the spiritual realm you feel most comfortable working with.

What was that?

In reality, it’s common to not notice the divine help that we are receiving. However, since we are a combination of physical and spiritual beings, we have a continuous receiving link from the realm of Spirit. In other words, we are hard-wired to be always surrounded and supported by Divine helpers.

This also means that the Divine is always willing to help us.

Subtle connections require quiet time

It makes sense that your ability to feel or see this subtle connection is influenced by the amount of peace and calm in your life. Typically, the fast paced life, makes it difficult to feel, hear or see spiritual connections.

Scheduling a daily quiet time or meditative practice will begin to create space for you to feel and hear the presence of Spirit.

Two-way communications: the angels can hear you and you can hear them

Equally important to realize is that this connection to the Divine is a two-way street. Therefore, the potential exists for you to continually communicate with your spiritual helpers.

However, communicating with Spirit is a skill which develops over time, much like the process of a child learning to speak.

Ask for help

Angels can you hear me

Additionally, while the Divine is always ready and willing to help you, we still need to be reminded to ask for this help. Essentially, your requests are heard by the Divine and their answers are heard by you. Initially, one must learn how to ask questions of the Divine and how to listen for the answers.

Effectively, you send questions to Spirit in the form of thoughts, images, spoken words, songs, to name a few.

Similarly, you will receive answers from Spirit in various ways and forms.

Higher senses relay the messages

Important to note; you are accessing your higher senses when you are communicating with Spirit. Initially, messages coming from Spirit arrive in subtle ways that you might not notice. However, as you become more aware of these subtle messages, you create space for them to be clearer and more noticeable.

For this reason, another skill to be developed is trusting your intuitive nudges and higher senses. Messages may arrive through any or all of your higher senses; you may instantly know, hear, see, sense or feel something as they are received.

What are you missing?

Unfortunately, it is a common experience to second guess yourself and override your gut feelings and knowings. How many times have you ignored your intuition? Certainly, we all do it and we usually regret ignoring these inner messages. Ideally, working towards consciously paying attention to the nudges and acting on them will reap great rewards.

The more I pay attention to my intuition and use the insights, the easier my life becomes.

Use it or lose it

I believe our intuition is much like muscle training: “use it or lose it.”

While it is true that your intuition never completely goes away, it can get very quiet. I feel like each time I notice an intuitive nudge and act upon it, it paves the way for me to receive even more beneficial advice.

How to begin the conversation… Angels, can you hear me?

So, where do you begin, to turn on this flow of intuitive information? Initially, you need to ask your angels to help you. You can even ask for a sign to prove that the angels can hear you.

In this example I will focus on connecting to the angelic realm. You can ask your angels for help through your thoughts, your writings in your journal, your voice, etc.

I find that the more specific I am in my request for help, the more I will notice the signs, synchronicities, and answers that come to me.

Be specific

I might ask, “How can I best line up this next event in my life, knowing that this and that are issues to be overcome?”

In this case, I have given Spirit enough information to know what I understand and what I need help with. Then, Spirit can provide the help and answers I need around that.

Expect answers

Angels can you hear me

watercolor by Susan Grace Wisniewski

Next, I watch and wait expectantly, for insights to arrive in my mind. I also look for signs around me that get me thinking about solutions to my issue. At all times, I am actively tuning in to receive messages from Spirit. It is not a passive process; we must be open and aware as messages arrive.

As insights arrive, I will either jot them down or dictate them into a memo on my phone or computer. It’s important to anchor the messages into your reality so that the information isn’t lost.

Expect the angels to hear you and respond to you.

Get out of your own way… let go of doubt

As I said before, you might receive messages that you discount, ignore, overthink, or second guess. Ideally, communicating with Spirit requires that you get out of our own way. This means, that once you receive a message, act upon it, record it, or use it.

To summarize:

  • You are always connected to the Divine: Angels, Saints, Spirit…
  • The Divine is ever present to help you
  • Quiet time creates space to hear Spirit’s messages
  • Communicating with Spirit is a skill that develops over time
  • Ask for help through thoughts, words, and images
  • Receive answers in many, different ways
  • Learn to trust/ believe your intuitive nudges, higher senses
  • Acting on your intuition brings you even more insights
  • Asking for specific help from Spirit brings specific answers
  • Actively listen for intuitive insights to arrive
  • Document the guidance you receive to help you retain it
  • Ask Spirit for help on mundane tasks, like groceries
  • As confidence grows, ask for insights about entire life

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