What is working on your self?

Working on your self is about making a choice to start the process of self-discovery. We may want to understand why we feel so up and down all the time. Let’s face it, we are all in varying states of imbalance. Life swings from being comfortable to being uncomfortable, sometimes on a daily basis.

As you take notice of your emotions and mental states, you begin wondering why things are out of balance. Once you notice how often life feels upsetting, you begin searching for self-healing mentors and tools to assist you.

In my Reiki practice, by focusing on the mental-emotional elements of the client’s issues, we bypass the need to re-live the details. We move directly into self-healing with Reiki. Divine healing energy is an energy efficient time saver. The life transformation begins immediately.

How to actively begin working on your self

From my experience, it is important to find an experienced self-healing mentor to guide you along the path of self-healing. I found my first self-healing mentor in the early 90’s and she provided incredible support for almost a decade.

Imagine, when you are hiking trails in a foreign land, one typically hires a tour guide who knows the area. You are much better off with someone who knows the way and has been down that trail before. Healing mentors come in all shapes and sizes, with different types of qualifications.

Importantly, I find it most efficient to work with someone who uses self-healing energy tools, like Reiki. When you combine self-reflective sessions with the Divine energy of Reiki, you have access to the energy needed to transform the self.  Reiki aids and assists in balancing the mental-emotional layers as they are delved into and transformed.

How to start the transformative work

Imagine your life history as disruptive congestion held within your body, mind and spirit, and it’s waiting to be processed. Unknowingly, we are decades late in ‘taking out this garbage.’ Consider, if you worked at a garbage dump, are you going to pick through every piece of garbage and analyze it? No. So, when working with our piles of congestion, we simply sort them into their common emotions and mental states before we process them.

Conveniently, as soon as we begin the process of transforming the piles, we begin to feel better. By intentionally bringing Light into them on the in-breath and then releasing them on the out-breath, we let go of layer after layer of stuck emotions and mental states.

Where to start my self-healing work?

Your daily life reveals where to begin the work of self-healing. Setting the intention to work on yourself creates a shift in your awareness. Immediately, you notice where your life feels uncomfortable. In addition, you might begin to recognize patterns of emotions expressed or not expressed.

Sometimes, it’s helpful to journal about what you’re experiencing that is uncomfortable.

When a Reiki client comes to see me, my first question is, “How’s life? In a few minutes, I get the gist of what is occurring in their life. From this, I get a sense of what is out of balance and reflect that back to them. Next, we tease apart the mental and emotional aspects of the imbalances. Following that, we initiate a plan of self-healing for that session.

When to begin working on your self

Definitely, the best time to begin working on your self is when you think of it. Therefore, it is never too early or too late to begin the process of self-healing.

You are always ‘on time’ when you are ready to self-heal.

Longing for change, for happiness, peace, less stress, etc., are common signs that you are ready to begin your self-healing. Your soul is patiently waiting for you to take the first steps.

When I see someone for the first time, they have no idea how a self-healing journey occurs. By following their intuitive nudge, they have agreed to begin their self-healing journey. Typically, they might be filled with trepidation and hope. Compassionately, my job is to help them realize that they are in the right place at the right time. Further, I then introduce them to their own self-healing potential.

Why bother working on your self?

As humans, we tend to be motivated by both pain and pleasure. As a result, if our life has more pain than pleasure, it may motivate us to do something about it. Once we begin working with a self-healing mentor, we may be amazed by how much lighter we feel after each session. Following each session, we may experience more positivity and joy in our life. Consequentially, it’s not unusual to feel more joy and more ease in life as you continue the process of self-healing.

Important to realize, that choosing to work on oneself, is about choosing to change. While this is a gradual process, it can be intimidating to consider changing. Obviously, we need to consider if it is more painful to stay stuck than it is to change. Unfortunately, many of us have a fear of the unknown and we resist change as a result.

What I’m here to remind you, is that Spirit is always with you, your Soul is guiding you and change is how we grow through life.

I have past experience with living a life full of anger, grief, and judgment. While those parts of my life, were necessary results of experiences, it did not mean that I had to stay stuck in them forever. In fact, it was too painful to stay stuck in them forever.

Pain and suffering motivated me to heal my life. Releasing my childhood grief, my parent’s anger over their losses, and letting go of societal judgments have brought forth the new and improved me. I have been Divinely blessed over the decades to witness similar occurrences in my Reiki clients.

Who can help me learn self-healing?

Personally, as I have spent the past 35 years, clearing layer after layer of congestion out of my own system, I have a pretty good idea of the ‘before and after picture’ of myself. This in turn, helps me to understand the potential for transformation within each client.

As a self-healing mentor, I never work alone. I am always supported by Divine beings of the Light, which literally takes the self-healing sessions to another level.

Specifically, I receive intuitive information for each client which aids in their process of self-healing.

I know some people put off dealing with their issues because they don’t want to ‘spill their guts’ to someone else. While that is a specific tenet of certain types of self-healing, it is not how I work with clients. Self-healing with Reiki is a subtle process.

When does self-healing begin?

From the moment a client steps into my office, they are being filled with Divine light. As a matter of fact, Divine energies begin working with you, as soon as you schedule the appointment. Your higher self begins working with the angels and archangels to prepare and promote your own self-healing.

It is almost indescribable, to explain how good it feels; to be resting, fully clothed, on a massage table, under a warm blanket, while you are being filled with the Divine healing energy of Reiki. Many clients have reported to me that they have never felt more relaxed in their life than after the reiki session.

The Reiki energy of pure Light and Love helps

awaken your own Divine consciousness

and abilities to heal yourself

An important aspect of a Reiki session is for the client to get used to trusting, relaxing, and being open to receive the self-healing energy of Reiki. Commonly, most people have forgotten how to relax and may not understand the benefits of rest and relaxation until they experience it again.

Basically, receiving a Reiki session is like a spa treatment or mini vacation. While incredibly restorative, it is also a reminder of how important regular self-care is. Isn’t it time you added another good habit to your life?

I am ready and would be honored to guide you on your self-healing journey.

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