Angels for All Seasons

seasons of the angelsSeason of the Angels

I learned that this time of year was the Season of the Angels from an old CD in my collection, called “Christmas and the Angels.” Although some believe the Angels hover closer to us during the holiday season, in reality, the angels are always nearby, ready to help.

What you focus on, expands

There is a universal rule, that whatever you focus on expands or grows. And, in December and during the Christmas season, we tend to think about Angels more. Even though the Angels are among us year-round, many forget about their existence until Christmas time.  By remembering to think about Angels, we are inviting them to join us. We strengthen our relationship with these beings of Light by focusing on them. So, keep in mind that what you focus on, expands. (There are literally a zillion links to this quote on the web.)

Best time to call on the Angels? Now!

There might not be a more useful time to call upon the Angels for support than during the stressful holiday season. Angels are always ready and willing to help, anytime we ask. They are never too busy to help you. And they never feel that your request is unworthy of being answered. So, all our requests to the Angels are heard and responded to. But, Angels will not intervene in our lives without our request for help. They honor free will and await our request for assistance.

season of the angelsAngels: your spiritual personal assistants

It is limitless what the Angels can help us with. It’s time to establish a regular relationship with the Angels. By inviting their helpful presence into your life, you may find your life becoming easier. Think of it as having a spiritual personal assistant. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

Angels make a difference

Haven’t you asked your parking Angels to help you find a parking space in the city before? Hasn’t it always worked out? That is the tip of the iceberg of what they can help you with. Once you get used to asking for help, you will begin to see what a difference Angels can make in your life. I feel the presence of my Angels helping me every day, all day long. I have consistently received help from the Angels about silly, mundane things as well as deeper, more profound issues. I receive help and insights from the Angels each time I ask for it.

Blessed by Angelic help

Each time I quiet myself and ask the Angels for information or insight, I receive it. It drops into my awareness, usually as a thought or an idea, usually out of nowhere. More likely out of the heavens and from the Angels directly. I have solved more problems with Angelic help than you could imagine. I feel my life is blessed by Angels.

I believe the Angels are ready to bless your life also.

Ask and you shall receive

Start by asking, with your inner voice, for help with small, mundane things.season of the angels

  • “Please help me remember to take care of this task.”
  • “Please help me find the perfect gift for my family member.”

Or ask for support:

  • “Please help me get through this stressful day.”
  • ”Please help me stay grounded and full of joy today.”

And you can request to receive mental and emotional help:

  • “Please help me let go of this anger, this negativity.”

Many correct ways to ask

There really is no right or wrong way to ask the Angels for help. It’s not much different than asking another human for help. I find it effective to put my request into a positive, present-tense, gratitude statement.

  • “I am grateful for Angelic help to fix this broken object.”
  • “I am grateful to the Angels for helping me let go of anger and to feel joy again.”

Or, sometimes it’s just:

  • Angels, help me now!

Develop the habit of asking for Divine help

Perhaps this season will help you establish a new habit of asking these Divine beings for help in your life. You have only to try it to see if it works. And once you see it works, you will be motivated to continue developing your relationship with the Angels.

In my next blog, I offer a guided visualization to help you connect to the angels and to receive their helpful guidance.

Angels For All Seasons~~Guided Visualization

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