Tickling- It’s Not for everyone

Transforming Trauma
A Self-Healing Guided Visualization

tickling is not for everyone

A self-healing guided visualization for transforming trauma due to tickling (or from other trauma)

How to use this self-healing guided visualization

Although this visualization has been specifically created to help those of us recovering from trauma around tickling, it is easily modified to be used for any type of long held trauma that you’d like to heal. I recommend first reading through the steps, and then modifying the language to fit your specific needs.

How to get started with this self-healing guided visualization

Set aside 15 minutes.

Find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed.

Make time to repeat this practice as often as possible.

Now, it’s time to begin.

Take a few slow deep breaths (Close your eyes, if you are listening to this). As you read or listen to this guided visualization, you are intending each step to occur as you think about them.

Think the following to yourself or softly repeat with your inner voice:

Connecting to the Earth energies.

  • Imagine breathing up to your heart, lungs, head and then exhaling down through the body, from your shoulders to your hips, to your knees, to your feet, and down to the earth.
  • Imagine inhaling the earth energy back up your body with your breath, filling your entire body with earth frequencies.
  • Now, exhale back down through the body to the earth.
  • Then inhale again, breathing more earth energy back up into your body a couple more times.

Connecting to the Heavenly energies.

  • Next, invite pure Light and Love into your body, from the highest heavens, from the highest realms.
  • Imagine golden white light streaming into your body, through the top of your head, through your skin, inhaling this light from all around you, from above you, into every aspect of you.
  • I open, open, open to receive pure Light and Love, the highest frequencies of pure Light and Love into my body, mind, and spirit now.

Now, invite the Divine helpers to aid you in this self-healing process.

  • I invite the highest illumined beings to join me in this self-healing session and to help bring healing to this situation, to my past and to my present.
  • I am grateful for the presence of God, Jesus, the angels and archangels of healing and Light.
  • I welcome all their blessings, guidance, healing energies of support for me as I focus on healing my (tickling or from other) trauma.
  • I imagine my body, mind and spirit being filled with Light, being blessed by the divine helpers.

Now, bring your focus to your intention for this self-healing process.

  • I intend to bring self-healing to all my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues caused by being tickled (or from other trauma).
  • I am ready and willing to heal this trauma now, forever.
  • I am ready to heal whatever layer of this trauma that is ready to be healed, now and forever.
  • I open all my muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, connective tissue and blood vessels, all parts of my physicality to receive healing Light, to heal all aspects of me (from being tickled or from other trauma).
  • I open all these parts of myself to the Light, to receive healing all the way back through my timeline, through my life history.
  • Sending healing Light blessings all the way through my life, to every moment where I had experienced trauma.
  • Especially sending healing Light to my time as a baby, where I have no actual memory of having been tickled (or receiving other trauma).
  • I also ask for healing Light to bless anyone who ever thought it was OK to tickle me (or cause other trauma).
  • Any pockets of damage connected to being tickled (or from other trauma) are being healed in this moment.
  • It is being transformed into Light and released.

Breathe in Light and breathe out the trauma

I now focus on breathing in Light and breathing out any mental or emotional states that I experienced before, during and after being tickled (or from other trauma). 

  • Breathe in Light and breathe out shock, trauma, stress. Repeat this three times.
  • Breathe in Light and breathe out fear, anxiety, worry. Repeat this three times.
  • Breathe in Light and breathe out hatred, anger, hurt. Repeat this three times.
  • Breathe in Light and breathe out sadness, grief, sorrow. Repeat this three times.

There may be other things that you had experienced or felt connected to tickling (or from other trauma).

  • Take this time now to breathe in Light and breathe them out.

Additionally, it may be helpful to:

  • Breathe in Light and breathe out helpless, powerless, victim. Repeat this three times.
  • Breathe in Light and breathe out doubt, confusion, distrust. Repeat this three times.
  • Breathe in Light and breathe out blame and resentment. Repeat this three times.

How do you feel now?

Check in with yourself and see how you feel. You might feel lighter, you might feel heard, you might feel calm and relaxed.

It’s also likely that you might still feel tense, restless, or stirred up. This is a good time to ask,

“What more do I need to let go of?”

It may be difficult to forgive people who caused us pain. My favorite quote from the Bible helps me. “Forgive them for they know not what they do.” I don’t think a parent who truly loves their child really wishes to cause them harm or trauma. As a result, I am very willing to forgive people that tickled me (or caused other trauma).

  • So, as you’re doing this guided visualization, try breathing in the highest frequencies of forgiveness with the Light, and breathing out forgiveness with the Light.
  • Breathe in forgiveness with the Light, breathe out forgiveness with the Light. Repeat this three times.

Check in with yourself again and see if you feel even more relaxed or calmer

You might want to ask yourself,

“Is there more that I need to acknowledge and let go of?”

Trust whatever answer you receive.

When we quiet ourselves and listen, we usually receive the answers. We need to get used to trusting what we know and what we hear inside. The more we ask internally for answers, quiet ourselves and listen, the more we will receive our answers. It gets easier if you do this on a regular basis.

Truly, all the answers you need are inside of you

Give your inner voice a chance to be heard in the silence of your heart quest.

Gratitude and completion

  • I now imagine a world where babies and children’s bodies are being held sacred.
  • A place where every child feels safe, relaxed, and soothed by their parent’s touch.
  • I am grateful to receive this self-healing.
  • I am open to receive this self-healing.
  • I am blessed to receive this self-healing.

This guided visualization for self-healing due to tickling or other traumas may help those of you trying to heal from these experiences. This visualization can be used as a tool whether it’s for tickling or some other type of trauma that you’re working to heal from–with simple modifications. I’ve found this visualization to be the most helpful when I repeat it 3-5 times a month, but even doing it once could help you release some of the past trauma. 

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