Angels For All Seasons~ Guided Visualization

seasons of the angels

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Before experiencing this guided visualization

This is a guided visualization to help you connect to the angels and to ask them for guidance and help. It is helpful to repeat this daily, until it becomes second nature to you.

Once you get used to the routine:

  • quieting your mind
  • grounding to the earth
  • opening to receive pure Love and Light
  • inviting the angels to join you
  • asking them for help

You will soon create a working partnership with these Divine beings in your life. Isn’t it time for you to open to the divine angelic helpers available to you in your life? You will be glad you did.

To begin:

Take a few slow deep breaths in and out through your nose.

Invite in the Light.

I welcome the Light of the Divine, the Light of the Angels, the Light of the Archangels, the Light of all that I hold dear in the Divine realm.

I imagine Light shining down on me from the highest heavens.

I imagine Light showering down on me, on all sides, from all directions, from the highest heavens.

I breathe in this Light into my body, mind and spirit.

I open my heart to receive pure Love and Light.

I breathe this Light into every cell, tissue, and organ.

I open, open, open, to receive even more pure Love and Light.

I welcome the presence of the Angels into my life.

I am grateful for your guidance, your assistance, your healing energies, and your insights about my life.

Your nudges toward solutions for my life.

I am grateful to be held in your loving guidance.

I invoke the presence of the Angels to make a difference in my life.

I am grateful for your help in improving the quality of my life.

I especially ask for help in this moment.

I ask for help and insight on a particular problem that I am focusing on in this moment.

I know there are many solutions, and I need to receive a sign to choose the best solution for me in this moment.

I am also open to receiving insight that I have not been able to find on my own.

I am happy to receive an image to guide me.

I am happy to receive just one word to guide me.

I know that once I receive one word, that I will receive more as I dwell on the meaning behind it.

I am open to receiving signs that I am on the right path and moving in the right direction in my life.

I am grateful to receive a vision that will help me choose my next step.

I ask for help in noticing the signs you send me.

I ask for help in believing in the signs that you send me.

I ask for help in acting on the signs that you send me.

I do believe in miracles.

I do believe in synchronicity.

I do believe in coincidences.

I welcome all these helpful nudges into my life now.

I embrace my own divinity and know that I am connected to the Divine at all times.

I know that all the answers I seek are held within me.

I have only to release my self-doubt to believe them and to believe in my own abilities.

I know my ability to work with my higher self, the angels and the Divine will improve more and more as I use them.

I choose to act on every intuitive nudge that I receive, knowing that this will help increase the amount of intuitive nudges I receive.

I promise myself to accept these sparks of Divine energy that come to me in the form of insight.

I release my tendency to discount the Divine knowledge that is coming to me.

I let go of my second guessing.

I know I am blessed and fully supported by the Angelic realm.

I open to receive this now and forever.

When I receive insights, I will jot them down or I will speak them into my phone, into my memos, or into an email.

Once I have jotted down or noted in some way this insight, then it opens the door for me to receive even more insights.

I am grateful to share my life with the Angels and to feel their help in my life.

I am grateful to share my life with pure Love and Light.

I am grateful.

Aho, Amen, Namaste, So be it.

After experiencing this guided visualization

You may feel full of light and love. You may feel peaceful, calm, and relaxed. You may have received some insights or answers in the moment, or you might receive them in the coming days. It is also important to jot down notes about your experience along with any insight or thoughts that came to mind.

Each time you repeat this guided visualization, have your journal nearby, perhaps with questions that you seek answers to, jotted down. During and after the visualization, write down any thoughts, ideas, or answers that come to you.

After doing the visualization, you may benefit from writing more into your journal. We tend to receive more information each time we sit with our thoughts. Each time you call on angelic help builds upon the relationship; it gets easier and easier to access this Divine guidance and support.

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