Ode to Facebook Friends

where is Emily Post when you need her?

Ode to Facebook friends, forget me not

Welcome to Facebook

I will not judge or criticize your posts, however, I know where the magic “‘x”‘ button is on the top right corner of every post and I know how to use it. Do you?

I will not take it personally if anyone hides my posts, the beauty being, I have no idea when it happens.

I have to hide you (your posts) if you ever put up your errand list for the day….excuse me, I need this information, why?

I have to hide you if you put up one more pet photo, yes, its a free country, but we seriously need a separate fb for canines.

I will hide you if you whine too much, what’s too much?  If you whine, it’s too much.  Are you a chronic whiner or is it time to take responsibility?

I will hide you if you make me think too much, again it’s my choice how I “play” on fb.

I will hide you if your tone is too negative, remember the fb law of the Universe, “what ever you posts gets amplified ten thousand times and comes back to you tenfold.”

I will hide you if you play games I have no time or patience for…bye bye farmville, mafia, question about you’s.

I will hide your card of the day app, regardless of your sun sign, your soul animal or your tarot message.

I will hide your 8 billion vacation photos, ever hear of the motto, “less is more?”

I will savor your recipes, your sunrise or sunset photos, your nature pictures, your owl photos; because I post those too.

I will send prayers to any requiest you post and Divine light too.

I will even send you Divine light and love, just for reminding me that you exist.

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