Spiritualism helps us find resolution

Spiritualism helps us find resolutionWhat is Spiritualism?

 I begun studying the religion of  Spiritualism a few months ago with a world renown psychic and medium. The first time I met her was at a fund raiser in Shepherdstown on the summer solstice. Anne Gehman gave me a mini reading about a ring that I had  brought bacik from Moscow in 1978 and then she focused on me and my family. She described seeing a woman around me in spirit that was a grandmother and I immediately knew it was Grace, my dad’s mother who died right after my parents married. She told me that Grace expressed regret about not opening her heart more to her children and wished that she had been more loving to her family. The message sounded and felt right to me and I listened to Anne give other spirit readings to others in attendance. Many were relieved to receive their messages from departed loved ones. “Spiritualism is the Science, Philosophy and Religion of continuous life, based upon the demonstrated fact of communication, by means of mediumship, with those who live in the Spirit World.” (definition from the National Spiritualist Association of Churches).

Unexpected reading brings unexpected find

As one who lost four siblings in my childhood, I have long been fascinated with those residing in spirit and even more so, since my father crossed over, 8 years ago. In the 6 weeik unfoldment classes that I just completed at the Falls Church Center for Spiritual Enlightenment (CSE), we explored many different aspects of Spiritualism.

In one of the classes, when we invited our departed loved ones to join us in spirit, I was the beneficiary of a visit from my dad, who asked through Anne, if I had lost some keys. We had indeed lost a set of keys for my car several months ago and I had been going through waves of searching for the keys with no success. Anne relayed that my dad was going to help me find the keys in the coming week.

Sure enough, several days later, I asked for help to find the keys and felt the nudge to look in our bedroom one more time. I finally noticed the pile of my husbands “working on the house” jeans and began searching in the pockets of the jeans. Much to my surprise, I found the keys in the third pair of pants that I looked in. In Spiritualism, the medium always gives information or messages that can be proved to be true.

Where do our loved ones go after they cross over?

I know it is a stretch for some people to believe that our loved ones are “just on the other side of the veil.” I prefer to keep an open mind and to not rush into any judgment either way. I do trust what feels right and I have learned to trust my gut instincts. I am encouraged by thinking of our family members who have crossed over as remaining connected to us and watching over us. It would also make sense that they long to connect to us as much as we long to connect to them. As a result of connecting, I trust the feelings that come up during the connection and the realizations that may arise later. I also believe that healing results for both parties as we connect and receive messages from them.

Experiencing a Spiritualism service

Today, I attended the Sunday service at the CSE for the first time and really enjoyed the healing and loving nature of the service. We began by singing a song from the hymnal and setting an intention for the healing. Iniitially, there is a half hour healing meditation which provides opportunities to open to receive healing from the Infinite Intelligence and the Earth’s magnetic energies. I am used to working with Divine Light and Love and this is exactly what we were receiving.

Healing offered, healing received

There were three healers standing behind three benches and members took turns sitting on the benches and received healing energies through the hands of the healers. I began praying for a specific area in my body to be healed as the meditation began and I immediately received insights about this area and began doing my own cooperative healing work with the Divine on the area.

I gained insights on a new level about this area of my body and was thrilled to feel the area shifting and healing. By the time I sat on the bench for my turn, I was already feeling the results of being in such a healing environment and receiving profound healing. Further healing was received through the hands of the healer and then I went back to my original seat.

After the healing there were more songs sung and then we had a short break where we were encouraged to introduce ourselves to one another. The main service started with announcements and more songs, a reading of the Spiritualist principles and the introduction of the days speaker. The speaker spoke about prayer for about a half hour and it was a very uplifting and inspiring talk. We sang another song and then came the message part of the program.

Messages offered, message received

The medium happened to be the same woman who had given the day’s talk and she encouraged us to invite our relatives who had crossed over to join us. She explained how she received messages and then she immediately began giving a message to a woman in the back from her grandparents. The woman seemed to be pleased to hear their message.

The woman then focused on me and said she had a message for me. She described seeing many young children around me, which I felt were my siblings who had died in my childhood. Then she talked about a young girl with blond ringlets who like to dress up as a princess and I was not sure who she was talking about.

She shifted to a male spokesperson for the group and said he had died in late teens or twenties. I immediately thought of my cousin Michael. She described him as very tall and thin, even lanky, with dark hair. She wasn’t sure if he died as a result of an accident or….at which point, I shook my head, so she would know it wasn’t an accident. Then she said he wanted me and his family to know that he has healed what he needed to heal from his life and death, and that it took a while to be able to heal it. But that now he is fine and doing well.

He wanted me to know that even though it appeared that he had died a certain way, it was really an accident and that he really had not wanted to die at that tim

He also gave a message for me and his family: that it was important to live life one step at a time (or one day at a time,) but his words were one step at a time. He really wanted me to pass this onto his family and I think if they are open to receiving the messages that they may gain a sense of peace around his passing.

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