I Rise Up Out of My Own Ashes

~~~ This I Believe Essay

I believe that what happens in our lives, to us, is what forms us, molds our character, creates our story.

Each of us has a story that has been formed by our life events and what we may not realize is that our story, does not have to define us.

We can heal all the character shaping events in our life, so that they become lessons and blessings, things we’ve learned from, but not things which hold us back or cause disease.

How my life was shaped

My life has been shaped by being raised by conservative Catholic parents who gave birth to 8 children. My life was further shaped by the fact that only four of those children are still living; three died at the age three, while the other one died shortly after birth. These experiences of loss and grief at a young age have shaped me, and have guided me, to spend the rest of my life learning how to heal and understand loss. Ultimately, it has taken me on a journey to explore many different types of holistic healing and to learn the fundamentals of self healing.

What I now believe

As a result, I now believe: if we all understood how easy it is to be released from our past, everyone would be doing it. After years of battling depression, anger and sadness, I found, through my own exploration into holistic medicines, the keys to healing my own life. Essentially, once I realized that I was truly responsible for my own well being, I began to develop techniques for healing my past wounds. Each time I received bodywork from a practitioner, I would initiate breathing exercises to breathe out old feelings and emotions. Each time I did this, the massage therapist or acupuncturist would notice how my body released tension at the same time. I then combined this with imagining that I was inhaling light into my body and saw even greater results. Gradually, I released large amounts of tension out of  my body and became more and more relaxed. Simultaneously, I released the out dated emotions and unresolved feelings which had accumulated inside of me throughout my lifetime.

Grateful for the journey

I feel incredibly grateful to have developed the ability to heal myself, and I am even more grateful for every opportunity that I am given to share this ability with others. My life is richer as a result, and I find more joy in every day. I know that anyone can benefit from this technique or at least use it to create a similar technique for themselves. Even if I only spend a small amount of time each day breathing out the basic emotions that we experience each day, I can literally feel my load lighten and start to feel better. If I imagine light coming into my body at the same time, I have found even more self healing is possible. I have tapped into my phoenix, and I have risen out of my own ashes. I wish the same for you.

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