divine communication flow chart

Your Intuition is Divine (Communication)

How to activate your inner knowing, get answers, find solutions on a daily basis

divine communication flow chart

Divine Communication is your birthright


  • being able to effortlessly communicate with the Divine
  • To ask for help and then immediately know what is best to do in any given moment
  • Be continually guided by a higher power that presents useful solutions to any situation
  • Trust the inspired thoughts and ideas that arise within you and act on them with good results

This Intuitive lifestyle is available to all, with a little conscious focus on the process.

divine communication flow chart

What got lost along the way

Likely, we were each born with strong Intuitive connections to the Divine.

Not only did we know what foods to eat, we also knew what movements to make, to learn to crawl and then walk.

Somewhere along the way, similar Intuitive urges got disrupted by well-meaning caregivers.

As a result, childhood was spent adhering to parental expectations instead of following Intuitive nudges.

Hence, a vital human skill was temporarily lost and forgotten.

divine communication flow chart

Turn your Intuition back on

The good news is, our Divine connection is permanent, our inner knowing never completely leaves us. Truthfully, we may have only forgotten how to connect to it.

  • Surprisingly, the first step to reawakening your Intuitive nature is:
    • Stop discounting it–no…really, stop ignoring it
    • Stop second guessing yourself… maybe just believe it the first time
    • Stop trying to please others…easier said than done… it’s a process
    • Begin trusting your gutpractice acceptance

  • The next logical step is call in Divine Light and ask for Divine help on a regular basis. I used to give out stickers to my reiki clients that said, “Angels, help me now.”
    • You can ask for Divine help using whatever wording works for you.
    • Ask to be helped by the Highest Illumined Beings for your highest and best good.
    • It’s helpful to give gratitude as you ask for help.
    • Thank you, angels, for helping me now.
    • You can ask for generic help or specific.
    • Thank you, angels, for helping me figure out solutions for this specific problem.

divine communication flow chart
divine communication flow chart
  • Soon, you begin to have Intuitive insights drop into your awareness.
  • Accordingly, your flow of inner guidance will increase, as you begin asking for Intuitive help on a regular basis.
    • Out of nowhere, an idea or solution pops into your head
    • This is your Intuition at work, ACT ON IT!
    • You might read or watch something that sparks an aha moment, or an Intuitive knowing…take action!
    • Someone might say something that gives you an idea for a solution…write it down, make a note in your phone!
    • Typically, your Intuitive skills rapidly develop once you start using them on a regular basis…so, keep using them, keep asking the Universe for help!

divine communication flow chart
  • The next important step is to act on what you have received
    • Use the guidance you receive, take positive steps and put something into motion
    • Once you begin taking action steps based on the guidance you received, you will then be able to see the effects of following your Intuition
    • As you start getting good results from following your Intuition, you are more likely to keep asking for help
    • While you continue benefiting from receiving Intuitive guidance, your life just might become easier

      Part two, more about Divine help in the next blog…
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