Meet Your New Best Friend: You!

Establishing healthy boundaries and creating interdependent relationships

How to become your new best friend

Are you ready to stop putting everybody else’s needs ahead of your own? Is it time to listen to your gut and follow your intuition? Perhaps you’re ready to meet your new best friend: you. She has been waiting for you to bring her forward.

Shining the Light for those New to Self-healing

As a Reiki practitioner who has been on her journey of self-healing since 1984, I take my mentor role seriously.

While everyone’s journey towards self-healing is unique, there are certain steps along the way we all have in common.

In this blog, I will introduce one of the first steps on the self-healing journey.

  • Remember, in life, we are all doing the best that we are able.
  • Similarly, we were raised by parents who did the best that they could.

However, there are numerous flaws in this Universe. As humanity evolves, many of these flaws need to be addressed in order for us to continue moving forward on our path.

How are you using your energy?

In a Reiki session, we might discuss how you use your energy and ways to improve that. We may explore if you are giving too much of your energy away or are taking on too much of other people’s energies.

Basically, this begins the discussion of boundaries.

life with poor boundaries

Interestingly, we each have a choice as to how strong or weak our boundaries are.

For some, discovering that you actually have boundaries, is the natural first step.

We all have boundaries, regardless of whether they are weak or with healthy boundaries makes you your best friend

Are you ready to feel better?

In order to make healthy choices which will strengthen your boundaries, you will need to let go of some of your unhealthy choices.

Now, we have stepped into the land of codependency.balance your energy flow and take care of your new best friend

The word codependency typically comes up in the first Reiki session that I have with new reiki clients. This is a very common way of existing in relationships. We might not be familiar with the word codependent, but once we begin to explore it, it feels familiar.

Creating and Maintaining Healthy Boundaries

is a Commitment

I have been exploring the concept of codependency in my own life since the 1980s. You might enjoy reading more about boundaries in my previous blogs.

To this day, I haven’t found a better book on this topic than, ‘Codependent No More’ by Melody Beattie. However, there are numerous books on codependency and boundaries; find one that speaks to you.

Perhaps it’s time for you to explore putting your needs first and becoming your new best friend.

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