Activate Your ‘Energy Savings Account’ Today!

How Reiki helps you to raise your energy, recharge your battery, and store up your self-healing energy for a rainy day

energy flows, energy savings account

Energy Flows
Watercolor by Susan Grace Wisniewski

Have you refilled your ‘Energy Savings Account lately?

Are you keeping your ‘Energy Savings Account’ full? More importantly, do you even realize that you have a bank of energy stored within you? Commonly, most people are unaware of this essential feature of our humanness.

Typically, most of us are running on ‘fumes’ and haven’t got time to turn this situation around by recharging our batteries. Surprisingly, this is the most important time to make your self-healing a priority.

In other words, it is never too early or too late to begin the self-healing process to activate your ‘Energy Savings Account’ .

Continue reading to find out the amazing benefits of keeping your ‘Energy Savings Account,’ topped off and filled to the brim.

Commit to your self-healing journey now!

I made the commitment to begin my self-healing in 1988, in the midst of our raising two children on a single income. At the time, I knew that I couldn’t afford self-healing sessions and I also knew that I couldn’t afford not to have self-healing sessions.

Interestingly, after I returned home from receiving my first self-healing session, my husband encouraged me to continue going monthly, regardless of whether we could afford it or not. Clearly, even after only one self-healing session, my husband could see the positive results.

What I didn’t realize, was how this first step was going to impact the rest of my life.

What I learned along the way

Flashing forward 36 years, and I am well immersed in a career of providing self-healing sessions for others. Decades of experience in healing arts has given me an understanding of the benefits. Definitively, the more you receive self-healing sessions, the more you will benefit.

Healing benefits are cumulative.

Through self-healing body work, your own energy flows are opened up and returned to higher and higher levels of functioning. Basically, opening the body flows allows Divine light to accumulate within us.

Divine light is healing.

Reiki contributes to your ‘Energy Savings Account’

For me, after receiving a Reiki self-healing session, I am filled with Divine light. I feel relaxed, peaceful, joyful, and inspired. Divine light contributes to our energy savings account, our own self-healing resources.

Just like saving money for a rainy day, keeping your personal energy actively flowing reaps benefits that will aid in any future health events.

Activate your ‘Energy Savings Account’ today with a Reiki session.

How long does Reiki last?

Typically, my Reiki clients notice how much better they feel after each Reiki session. Some report feeling relaxed and hopeful. Usually, when a Reiki client returns for their next session, I ask them how long they were able to hold onto the benefits they felt from the first session.

In most cases, the benefits of feeling relaxed and hopeful lasted 24 to 48 hours. It is challenging in this world to stay relaxed and hopeful.

However, Reiki clients who receive Reiki regularly find the results last longer.

Schedule your Reiki sessions especially when overwhelmed by life

Presently, I am being reminded by my long-term Reiki clients how important theEnergy Savings Account is. For example, I have several Reiki clients who have been seeing me off and on for 30 years.

In this particular case, this Reiki client has also taken four different Reiki trainings from me, two of which were Reiki master levels. She is a Reiki practitioner and uses Reiki on herself regularly.

Currently, this client is in her late 70’s and has recently experienced various health crises. Sometimes the universe seems to dump a lot on one family at once. When your partner has had major surgery and you are expected to be their home nurse and helper, while you are still recovering from your own health crisis from a year ago, it is overwhelming.

Make receiving Reiki your Super Power

It can be very challenging to find the time to get back to your Reiki practitioner. However, once you do, the benefits and results might be astounding.

You may find yourself transformed from a completely overwhelmed and emotional state back into a peaceful, hopeful state.

When I witnessed such a positive result recently, I was reminded of the concept of theEnergy Savings Account.’ Incredibly, we may not realize how important and beneficial receiving Reiki can actually be. All those years of receiving Reiki, prepared my client to dramatically self-heal; to restore balance on all levels. Her Energy Savings Account helped to restore her.

Simply, we may not realize how important and beneficial regularly receiving sessions of Reiki can be.

Your ‘Energy Savings Account‘ gives great dividends

Receiving regular Reiki sessions may:

  • increase your own abilities to self-heal
  • help to recover health
  • speed up the recovery and healing time after health events
  • relieves stress (sometimes in a dramatic fashion)

I hope you will consider opening an ‘Energy Savings Account with me and schedule your first Reiki session soon.

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