Walking Each Other Home

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Walking Each Other Home

This title, “walking each other home,” is also the title of a book written by an American spiritual teacher named Ram Dass. While I have never considered myself to be a follower of Ram Dass, I do admire some of the brilliant thoughts he shared with the world. Presently, I have been “on pause’ in sharing my thoughts with you, the Insight Services Reiki Center subscribers.

Taking a walk to talk with Spirit

I asked Spirit on my walk this morning, to help me begin sharing my thoughts with you once again. Personally, I require that any insights brought to me, be just one word or sentence. As a result, I feel more capable in receiving the answer. Consequently, I am less likely to get overwhelmed with feelings of “I can’t do this.” Generally, it’s proven to be a useful tactic, as it always seems to work. Specifically, the thought that popped into my mind this morning was, “we are all just walking each other home.”

Grateful for my original mentor

Years ago, I received healing sessions from a brilliant self-healing mentor. Ultimately, she started the healing process of walking me home to my heart. Gratefully, she taught me how to trust myself and how to hold the healing space for my own clients.

How can I help?

As your spiritual mentor, I will offer you guidance on your journey home to your heart. Uniquely, the guidance I offer is infused with the divine light of Reiki. Notably, the self-healing energy of Reiki relieves stress caused by life experiences. As a result, receiving Reiki energy may leave you feeling lighter and less encumbered by life experiences.

Home is where the heart is

This pretty much sums up our common journey. In fact, we are misguided in searching for this outside ourselves. Eventually, we may finally realize that what we are searching for is inside ourself. Accordingly, we are seeking a connection to our heart, our higher self, to the Divine. As has been noted, Reiki, is divine consciousness energy, which helps facilitate these connections.

How does Reiki help?

Importantly, the divine light connection of Reiki helps you develop your intuition, and strengthens your gut and heart knowing. Consequently, self-healing becomes more successful as you learn how to ask for Divine help and guidance. Additionally, once we start dialoguing with Spirit, our questioning and listening skills tend to improve.

I look forward to walking you home to your own self-healing.

Have a conversation with your higher self

  • Sit quietly, take a walk, or listen to music
  • think about an issue in your life that you would like help with
  • with your inner voice, state–
    • I ask my higher self to be with me now
    • I ask to be filled with pure Divine healing light
    • I ask to be connected to the grounding earth
    • I ask for insights on my current issue (state the issue)
    • I ask to receive one word to give me insight about this issue
  • You can enrich the process by imagining yourself receiving light from the divine, beams of light surrounding you, coming into you. You can imagine roots growing down from your feet, connecting you to the earth. You can imagine yourself being filled with light.
  • Write down in your journal, any thoughts that come. As you begin to write, you may receive more information, more insights. You might also receive insights and answers hours or days later after asking for divine help.

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