Empowering You to Self-heal

A Journey to Reveal Your Authentic Self

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Periodically, I am asked, “How does a Reiki practitioner help their clients?” In actuality, they are asking me to define my life work, which is self-healing. Essentially, what I provide, is a safe, healing environment, for clients to begin their self-healing process.

My goal is to educate clients on this process and to empower them in their self-healing.

The next question typically is, “How does one know when to start their self-healing process? The short answer: “When you are tired of being uncomfortable in your life.” Commonly, we are always bumping into aspects of ourselves that are uncomfortable. Normally hidden, these parts of us can be woken up when we least expect them. Once they appear, these parts of us are ready for self-healing.

Self-healing begins by noticing the issue or problem

  1. Ask for help, ask the Universe to help you.
    1. Invite Reiki or Divine light to flow into you and the issue.
    2. Invite Divine beings, such as Angels to help with your self-healing process.
  2. Ask for insight; what needs to be released.
    1. Ask how to visualize/ imagine the self-healing process.
    2. Listen for intuitive guidance (visual, auditory, or a knowing).
  3. Act on intuitive guidance
    1. Take action, visualize healing.
    2. Breathe in light, breathe out what needs to be released.

Start your self-healing with the help of a mentor

On the one hand, most of us haven’t a clue how to begin our own self-healing without the help of a mentor. On the other hand, there are those who have listened to their intuition (inner voice, inner knowing) and learned to heal themselves that way. Regardless, of which way you learn to self-heal, it is efficient/ expedient to focus on the uncomfortable layers as they appear.

With this in mind, as a Reiki practitioner, I help my clients connect the dots in their life to create a self-healing session. Keep in mind however, that each Reiki practitioner comes with very different sets of skills. Typically, all have trained as Reiki practitioners, and may also have skills in many other areas.

In my Reiki practice, each individual Reiki session caters to what is needed by the client in the moment.

Get out of your own way

The most common ingredient in my Reiki sessions is the fact that I help clients get out of their own way.  If you are wondering what that means, you are not alone. Most of us are very proficient at Adulting, maintaining control of our lives at all times.

We are less efficient at surrendering to the moment, inviting in healing, or asking for inner guidance. These possibilities require loosening the hold on the reins. If you have a coping mechanism of needing to know how everything works, you might be getting in your own way.

Self-healing is not just about healing the self

Self-healing is about opening up to the unknown, so you can receive intuitive guidance when you need it. Self-healing is almost always, but not every time, a miraculous event. It is somewhat miraculous to let go and get out of your own way to allow the self-healing to occur.

The self-healing release and resulting transformation motivates one to keep moving forward on the never-ending

self-healing journey.

Typical areas of self-healing exploration

Are you needing to let go of something in your life?

Ready to release the habits or patterns that keep tripping you up?

Have a mental state interfering with your forward momentum?

Is your negative self-talk ready to be replaced with positivity?

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